Ivan Filipov, a renowned designer, has made a significant contribution to the typographic landscape with the creation of Arkitech Round. This particular font is a variant of the Arkitech family, characterized by its rounded edges and sleek geometric form. Arkitech Round skillfully melds simplicity with a touch of modernity, making it stand out in the realm of sans-serif fonts.
The design philosophy behind Arkitech Round focuses on functionality and clarity, while still maintaining an approachable and friendly vibe courtesy of its rounded terminals. These rounded edges soften the overall appearance, making it ideal for application in a variety of contexts, from digital interfaces to print media, where legibility and a gentle, inviting character are paramount. Its geometric features are meticulously balanced with the rounded shapes, providing a harmonious visual rhythm that enhances readability and aesthetic appeal.
Arkitech Round is versatile, suitable for headlines, logos, and body text alike. Its clear, open forms ensure excellent readability even at smaller sizes, which is particularly beneficial for screen-based designs. Despite its simplicity, the font carries a distinct personality, enabling designers to create works that are both professional and friendly. Ivan Filipov, through Arkitech Round, has presented the design community with a tool that marries practicality with style—a testament to his ability to craft fonts that respond to the evolving demands of contemporary typography.
Character map
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Arkitech Round

Personal use only
322 glyphs
Copyright (c) 2010 by neogrey creative, Ivan Philipov. All rights reserved.. neogreycreative,IvanPhilipov: Arkitech Round Light: 2010. Arkitech Round Light. Version 1.000 2010 initial release. ArkitechRound-Light. Arkitech Round Light is a trademark of neogrey creative, Ivan Philipov.. neogrey creative, Ivan Philipov. Ivan Philipov. Free for personal use. Do not distribute. Please, report usage to ivan@neogrey.com. For commercial uses, email me at ivan@neogrey.com. Paypal donations are welcome at dphrag@gmail.com. www.neogrey.com. Free for personal use. For commercial uses, email me at ivan@neogrey.com. Paypal donations are welcome at dphrag@gmail.com. http://www.neogrey.com/neogrey-license.txt
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