Two Turtle Doves is a distinctive font that bears the creative signature of Tom Murphy 7, a designer known for his eclectic and often quirky approach to typography. This particular font embodies a sense of whimsy and playfulness, characteristics that are central to the aesthetic of its creator. While the name itself evokes images of the classic Christmas song, "The Twelve Days of Christmas," the design of the font carries a broader appeal, making it suitable for a variety of design projects beyond seasonal themes.
Upon examining Two Turtle Doves, one immediately notices its irregular, hand-drawn quality. These characteristics lend the font a personal touch that suggests warmth and approachability. Each letterform exhibits a unique personality; for example, some appear slightly askew, while others bear exaggerated features, such as elongated tails or oversized loops. This inconsistency between the characters adds a dynamic rhythm to written text, making it captivating to the eye.
Despite its playful irregularities, Two Turtle Doves maintains a level of legibility that allows it to be used in both titles and short blocks of text without sacrificing readability. The font eschews the rigidness often associated with digital typefaces, instead embracing imperfections that imbue it with a distinct charm. Its versatility makes it an excellent choice for projects that require a touch of whimsy, such as invitations, greeting cards, posters, and any creative endeavor that benefits from a personal, handcrafted feel.
In summary, Two Turtle Doves by Tom Murphy 7 is a font that celebrates the beauty of imperfection through its hand-drawn qualities. Its playful irregularities and warm, inviting appearance make it a versatile choice for designers looking to add a personal touch to their projects. The font’s unique charm and legibility ensure it can be used across a wide range of creative applications, making it a delightful addition to any font collection.
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Two Turtle Doves - Copyright (c) 1997 Tom Murphy 7 - Free, but not to be resold! - - Tom Murphy 7 - 339 Still Hill Rd - Hamden CT 06518 - USA. Frog:Two Turtle Doves. Two Turtle Doves. 1.0 Sat Apr 05 15:30:40 1997. Two-TurtleDoves. [Divide By Zero] Fonts. Tom Murphy 7. Created by Tom Murphy 7. This is a cute childish uneven font... Just look at it. [Divide By Zero] fonts: . Here is the summary of the license for this font, which may be overridden by (most likely very similar) new licenses at the URL below. NO MONEY must ever exchange hands for this font file, without EXPLICIT WRITTEN PERMISSION from the designer. This means you MAY NOT SELL THIS FONT on a font-collection CD, nor singularly nor part of any other type package. You may distribute this font file to anyone you want, as long as you do not modify it and do not charge any money or services. You can use this font in noncommercial applications and websites freely and without the designer's permission. You can use this font for commercial purposes provided you notify the designer ( and provide him with a free sample of the associated product, where appropriate. Your conscience gets to decide what is appropriate. For the full license and updates: Mailing address: Tom Murphy 7 339 Still Hill Rd Hamden CT 06518.1830 USA.
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