Jotting, a distinctive font crafted by Santiago Salazar, encapsulates a unique blend of casual elegance and creative flair, making it stand out in the vast ocean of typographic designs. At its heart, Jotting embodies the spirit of handwritten notes, featuring a flowing, connected style that mimics the natural movement of pen on paper. This aspect gives texts a personal, almost intimate feel, as if the words were directly penned by the writer to the reader.
The design of Jotting straddles the line between readability and artistic expression. Each letter in the font exhibits slight variations, just as you would expect in genuine handwriting, adding a lively, dynamic character to any text. This makes Jotting especially suitable for applications where a touch of personality and warmth is desired, from invitations and greeting cards to branding materials and website headers. Despite its informal charm, Jotting maintains a clean, structured appearance that ensures clarity, even when used in longer passages of text.
Another notable feature of Jotting is its adaptability. Santiago Salazar's meticulous attention to the balance and proportion of each letterform means that Jotting not only shines in traditional settings but can also adapt to more modern, creative contexts. Whether it's gracing the pages of a boutique cafe's menu or adding a whimsical touch to a digital newsletter, Jotting is a font that speaks with a voice that's both comforting and inspiringly original. Its versatility is complemented by a comprehensive set of glyphs that cater to various languages and applications, making Jotting a truly global font choice for designers and creatives alike.
Character map
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by popular demand, saved from extinction


Unknown license
119 glyphs
ꔠ 1993 S.Salazar, Vancouver, BC 癥 All Rights Reserved.. Altsys Metamorphosis:Jotting Regular. Jotting Regular. Altsys Metamorphosis:1/30/96. Jotting-Regular
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