Ah, "Derail," the font that decided to be the life of the graphic design party, where it loudly proclaims, "Who needs the straight and narrow path?". Imagine if a typeface had a rebellious teenage phase and never quite grew out of it – that would be Derail in a nutshell. Picture every letter deciding to throw caution to the wind, leaning at angles you didn't think possible while still being legible, each glyph daring to be different from its siblings yet somehow managing to create a cohesive chaos that's as intriguing as a mystery novel written in hieroglyphs.
Derail, at its core, is the embodiment of controlled anarchy on the page or screen. It's as if the letters were once part of a more conventional font family but decided to hitch a ride on a roller coaster, coming off with their serifs tousled and their stems slightly dizzy. What's fascinating about Derail is that despite its seemingly haphazard appearance, there is an underlying harmony that holds it all together. The designers behind this font have mastered the art of balancing erratic with elegance, making it perfect for projects that need to scream creativity and originality without saying a word.
Using Derail is like saying to your audience, "Buckle up; it's going to be a fun ride." It's not the font you use for your conventional corporate memo (unless your corporation hosts annual circus events). It's more suited for that poster announcing the most avant-garde art exhibit in town or the cover of a graphic novel that promises adventures beyond the imagination. Derail, with its unique blend of whimsy and wonkiness, invites designers to play, create, and possibly break a few design rules along the way – all in the name of art.
Character map
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Looks easy to make in FontStruct.


Personal use only
62 glyphs
1.000;pyrs;derail. derail. Version 001.000. Simon Thomaschke. http://www.derail.de
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