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Based on my real handwriting he he

Nice H ...

Thanks :P

Nice, Lauren.

I always have been fascinated in these new OpenType features which allows the use of number of different alternates of a character in order to make a handwriting font to look really hand written..but I never actually was too much into all the programming stuff. Phew, that old head of mine...anyway, see what people with enough time and commitment can do:

That's lovely. I tell ya, what I wouldn't give for better software. There is nothing I don't want to be familiar with in regards to digital typography, and I enjoy furthering my education in all areas of typography. Someday I suppose... someday...

This example and others like it, serve as an answer to those who question, "Why are so many fonts free?"

By that same token, serving as an answer to, "Why pay for a font?"

Beautiful, excellent work!

Well, the better software is actually FontLab - the heavyweight monster of typography. While most of you use FontCreator (which I never used) for its ease of use, the real professional tool is FontLab. Of course, life isn't easy and all of these fancy OpenType features have to be hand-coded even in a sophisticated software like FontLab - and trust me, it's a pain in the ass :) Plus, unfortunately not so many people will be able to actually use the contextual or stylistic alternates - it's not widely supported feature. So far only InDesign and Illustrator support these, so don't expect to write in your favourite MS Word like that :D

If interested you can read the whole thread about that beauty, Olicana created by Nick Cooke. Being a type geek/nerd I found it to be a fascinating read :)

This one too:

it's never late to start and dive deep into OpenType

I use font creator as it is/was more economical.

But I have used font lab, Creator has grown on me, only because of the extent i have used it since acquiring it, and the farther my memories of using font lab become.

but my interest in expanding my abilities in font lab has not diminished, i read with sincere interest any materials educating on the subject of it's features & capabilities.

I do take it quite seriously, believe it or not. I could say more... but i don't think you take me seriously so... maybe another time.

I do take you seriously, as I'm well aware what are the efforts of putting a font together - thus, I have to admire people who are committed enough to finish what they started. I don't know why I left you with an impression that I underestimate you. My apologies for that - it wasn't intended.

well shucks ummmm that's mighty kind of you... though... totally unnecessary,i wasn't on another nutshell-nutcase tirade :P

i do have much to learn but i would say that amongst new font-designers (makers would be a more fitting term for most) like my fellow dafont-top100-alumni for example, to my own surprise i think i am actually one of a few that are even the slightest bit interested in typography and it's digital crafting.

Phew! that was a run-on!

And of course this excludes typographic geniuses such as Manfred Klein, or Dieter Steffmann to name a few such greats whom also frequent the same list.

This observation about my would be peers isn't a bad thing either, just something i have noticed.

my point... has nothing to do with that either. basically.. i didn't mean to deter future words of wisdom and what not. alex, ivan, koeiekat and schwalbenkoenig, all of you are quite knowledgeable,(m dash here) quiet, quite knowledgeable in the areas of type/typefaces/typography.

i hope you don't mind me here on your forum. matter o fact, this might be the only "forum" i frequent and post in. tee hee.


sorry for the long post and it's many tangents, it was put on hold several times by my sweet daughter :P


Nymph's Handwriting

Personal use only
191 glyphs, 39 kerning pairs
© Lauren Thompson, 2009, 2010, 2011. All rights reserved.. Nymph's Handwriting:Version 2.00. Nymph's Handwriting. Version 2.00 January 22, 2011. Nymph'sHandwriting. Lauren Thompson aka Nymphont ( Nymph's Handwriting is based on the handwriting of font designer Lauren Thompson. Updates made January 22, 2010 include subtle changes to character shapes and weight, as well as changes to spacing of several aspects.. Free for personal use. Commercial use requires a donation. Donations can be made through PayPal to Email for further details. Please read the readme.txt file that should accompany this font download, as it contains the complete End User Lisence Agreement/Terms Of Use for this font. If no readme.txt is present with your download email to receive one.
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