Ah, Toonish! If a font could wear a brightly colored, oversized bow tie and dance at the edge of a page, Toonish would be the first in line, tapping its serifs and winking at the cursor. Imagine diving headfirst into a world where letters don't just sit quietly on a line but instead, leap and bound with the energy of a Saturday morning cartoon. Toonish is that bowl of sugary cereal in typographic form — its playful contours and bubbly shapes practically bouncing between the margins.
Crafted with a nod to the whimsical, exaggerated forms of animated characters, Toonish embodies the essence of fun. Each letter seems to have gulped down a potion of cheerfulness, puffing up and stretching out with a vivacity that's infectious. It’s the kind of font that refuses to take life too seriously, turning every word into a mini celebration. Whether it's the ‘g’ that grins cheekily at you or the ‘e’ that seems to be mid-giggle, Toonish injects personality and life into the dullest of texts.
Toonish is not just a font; it's a party invitation from the alphabet itself, urging you to throw formality out of the window and embrace joy. It’s perfectly suited for birthday banners, animated movie posters, and any project that aims to capture the hearts of the young or the young at heart. In a world that often praises the sleek and the minimalist, Toonish is the delightful reminder that sometimes, more is more — more curves, more joy, and definitely more whimsy. In the realm of fonts, Toonish is that friend who brings the confetti to a meeting and somehow, makes it all the better for it.
Character map
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Personal use only
81 glyphs
1.000;pyrs;Toonish. ToonishRegular. Version 1.000. Toonish. Tom Burns. http://www.everythingburns.com
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