As of my last update in April 2023, Ozone by José Alberto Lobos S. is a font that may not be widely recognized in mainstream font databases or repositories. However, the creation of a font named Ozone by an artist like José Alberto Lobos S. allows for an imaginative exploration based on the nomenclature and potential stylistic cues from the designer's background or other works.
Ozone, by its name, might evoke a sense of airy lightness, transparency, and modernity. Fonts named after elements or concepts often reflect some intrinsic qualities of their namesakes. One could envision Ozone as having sleek, clean lines that offer a sense of clarity and openness. It might play on spacing and weight to create an effortless readability that feels open and breathable, much like the Earth's ozone layer itself, which envelopes and protects.
Given José Alberto Lobos S.’s involvement, assuming he brings a distinct flair or cultural background into his work, Ozone might integrate unique, subtle design elements that set it apart. These could include unusual curve treatments, innovative character silhouettes, or a departure from traditional font structures in favor of something more experimental. The font could potentially blend modern sensibilities with nuanced heritage elements, making it versatile for both contemporary digital platforms and more artistic or editorial uses.
Visualizing further, Ozone could feature a range of weights that support various typographic hierarchies, from delicate and light to bold and commanding. The versatility in weight supports the font's use across different media and design contexts, from the digital screens of websites and apps to the static pages of books and magazines.
In creating a font named Ozone, José Alberto Lobos S. might have aimed at encapsulating an essence of environmental mindfulness or futuristic optimism, aligning the design's aesthetic qualities with the broader cultural or thematic resonance of its name. Until Ozone by José Alberto Lobos S. becomes recognizable within major font databases or the designer's portfolio, one can only speculate on the specifics, but the imaginative potential for such a font is certainly vast and exciting.
Character map
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Unknown license
97 glyphs
Ozone was designed by José Alberto Lobos S. "Big Beraka", 2008 ©. Ozone:Version 1.0. Ozone. Version 1.00 June 10, 2008, initial release. José Alberto Lobos S.. This font was created using Font Creator 5.0 from
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