The Tenby Five font is a distinctive and versatile typeface that draws inspiration from the geometric shapes and clean lines characteristic of mid-20th-century design. Its name, suggestive of a numeric classification or perhaps a nuanced nod to a place or concept, imbues it with a sense of mystery and specificity, hinting at its curated nature and design precision.
Tenby Five stands out for its balanced blend of retro charm and contemporary clarity. The character shapes are crisp and coherent, employing a reduced complexity that favors straightforward geometric forms—circles, triangles, and rectangles—yet it handles these with such finesse that the overall appearance feels innovative rather than reductive. This blend achieves a modernist aesthetic while retaining an approachable warmth, making it incredibly versatile for various design applications, from digital graphics and web design to print media and branding.
What sets Tenby Five apart is its thoughtful attention to detail in legibility and style. The font maintains excellent readability across sizes, a testament to its meticulously crafted letterforms and spacing. Kerning is handled with care to ensure a visually pleasing rhythm and flow, whether in dense paragraphs or attention-grabbing headlines. Its personality can adapt from professional and serious to playful and inviting depending on its context, making it a valuable tool in a designer's arsenal.
In essence, Tenby Five embodies a harmonious balance between nostalgia and progress, offering a fresh take on geometric typefaces while paying homage to the design principles of the past. Its flexibility and charm make it a go-to choice for designers looking to impart their projects with a touch of sophistication and timeless appeal.
Character map
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Tenby Five

Unknown license
228 glyphs, 48 kerning pairs
Copyright (c) 2008 by Jan Schmoeger/Paragraph. All rights reserved.. JanSchmoeger/Paragraph: Tenby Five: 2008. TenbyFive. Version 1.000. Tenby Five is a trademark of Jan Schmoeger/Paragraph.. Jan Schmoeger/Paragraph. Jan Schmoeger. Tenby Five. Regular
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