PF Tempesta Seven Condensed is a striking font crafted by the talented Yuusuke Kamiyamane, a font that embodies both functionality and aesthetic allure within its compact design. This font falls under the umbrella of the PF Tempesta family, which is known for its suitability in a multitude of digital environments, particularly where space and legibility are crucial considerations. The "Condensed" variant, as the name suggests, is a more narrowed version, designed to accommodate more text in less horizontal space without compromising readability.
The design of PF Tempesta Seven Condensed is characterized by its clean lines and uniformity, making it an excellent choice for user interface design, digital displays, and any application where clarity and efficiency are key. Each character in this font is meticulously crafted to ensure that despite its condensed nature, it remains legible even at smaller sizes. This is achieved through well-considered spacing and proportions, which help maintain the font's legibility across various platforms and devices.
Yuusuke Kamiyamane's expertise in creating utility-focused designs is evident in PF Tempesta Seven Condensed. The font's aesthetic is modern and minimalistic, echoing the contemporary trend towards sleek, user-centric design principles. It eschews ornamental flourishes in favor of straightforwardness and functionality, making it a veritable tool in the arsenal of web and interface designers. Moreover, its adaptability across different mediums and its ability to mesh seamlessly with diverse design schemes underscore its versatility.
Given its design nuances and the thought process behind its creation, PF Tempesta Seven Condensed is not just a font but a testament to the principle that good design is as much about form as it is about function. It exemplifies how condensed fonts can be engineered to enhance readability, user experience, and aesthetic appeal, thus offering a superb solution for designers looking to marry efficiency with style in their digital projects.
Character map
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PF Tempesta Seven Condensed

Unknown license
228 glyphs, 25 kerning pairs
Copyright (C) 2007 Yuusuke Kamiyamane. All Rights Reserved.. YuusukeKamiyamane: PF Tempesta Seven Condensed Bold: 2007. PF Tempesta Seven Condensed Bold. Version 1.0. PFTempestaSevenCondensed-Bold. Yuusuke Kamiyamane
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