Prepare yourself to delve into the whimsically wicked world of EvilGenius BB, a font that could only spring from the vibrant minds at Blambot Fonts. This is a font that puts on a cape, laughs maniacally, and plots to take over the world—one letter at a time. EvilGenius BB isn't just a typeface; it's a character, a persona, a villainous mastermind that somehow makes you root for it, despite its intentions to dominate global communication.
With its distinctive flair, every letter in the EvilGenius BB font seems to be hatching a plot of its own, eager to jump off the page or screen. The characters are daring, with bold lines that lean into madness while maintaining perfect readability. You can practically hear the font cackling with glee as it forms words that could just as easily be the title of a nefarious scheme as the invitation to a villain's gala.
But don't let its name fool you; EvilGenius BB has a heart... well, maybe not a heart, but certainly a charm that can be used for good as much as for... less good endeavors. It's versatile—perfect for comic book villains' dialogues, indie game titles, or even the branding for that edgy startup that operates from a secret lair (aka, your garage). Blambot Fonts has managed to capture an essence of playfulness and rebellion, packaging it into a font that speaks volumes, promising fun and mischief along the way. Whether you're drafting the next great graphic novel or spicing up a presentation to take over the world (of marketing), EvilGenius BB is your go-to for all things deliciously villainous.
Character map
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EvilGenius BB

Personal use only
110 glyphs, 337 kerning pairs
Copyright (c) 2006 by Nate Piekos. All rights reserved.. EvilGenius BB: 2006. EvilGeniusBB. Version 1.000. EvilGenius BB is a trademark of Nate Piekos. Nate Piekos. Nate Piekos.
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