As of my last update in 2023, "Blue Jeans" by Bradford Cox is not widely recognized as a specific font in mainstream typographic resources or font directories. It's essential to clarify that Bradford Cox is known as a musician and artist, most notably for his work with the indie rock band Deerhunter and under his solo project, Atlas Sound. While Cox is celebrated for his contributions to music and art, there isn't publicly available information indicating he has designed a font named "Blue Jeans."
However, let's indulge in a creative interpretation, imagining a font inspired by Bradford Cox's artistic sensibilities and perhaps metaphorically linked to the concept of "Blue Jeans." This speculative font could embody the essence of Cox's music—innovative, emotionally resonant, and effortlessly cool. "Blue Jeans," as an imagined font, might feature a casual yet bold aesthetic, mirroring the staple wardrobe item's universality and comfort while also capturing its potential for personal expression.
The font could blend vintage and contemporary elements, echoing the timeless appeal of blue jeans themselves. It might have a slightly rough, textured appearance, suggestive of denim's fabric and the wear-and-tear that gives jeans their character over time. This would make the font versatile for a variety of purposes, from evoking a sense of nostalgia in retro-themed designs to adding an edge to modern creative projects.
"Blue Jeans" could present unique character shapes—perhaps with subtle nods to the stitches and seams of denim clothing. It might offer a range of weights, from lightweight akin to a pair of thin, summer jeans to a bold weight reminiscent of sturdy, durable denim suited for work or cooler weather. This conceptual font, inspired by Bradford Cox's creative spirit, would thus be distinctive, adaptable, and imbued with a depth of character—much like a beloved pair of blue jeans that feels uniquely personal and deeply connected to one's life's stories.
Character map
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Uploaded from this site after Sander found the font here.

Creator: Bradford Cox

Website (dead):

E-Mail (probably also):

blue jeans

Unknown license
52 glyphs, 500 kerning pairs
jesus christ is real, my friend.. Macromedia Fontographer 4.1 blue jeans dark. blue jeans july. Macromedia Fontographer 4.1 6/30/97. Bluejeansjuly
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