The "Whatever" font by AEnigma is a unique and expressive typeface that embodies a blend of casual flair and creative whimsy. Created by the British font designer Brian Kent, the talent behind AEnigma, Whatever is part of his extensive portfolio of inventive and often playful font designs. Kent, who has been creating fonts since the late 1990s, showcases his ability to infuse personality into digital typography through Whatever.
At first glance, Whatever captures the eye with its irregular letter shapes and sizes, conveying a handmade or doodled aesthetic. The font characterizes a relaxed and informal vibe, making it perfectly suited for projects that aim to be lighthearted or approachable. It might remind one of notes passed between friends in class or quick, impromptu doodles in the margin of a notebook. Each letter appears to have been drawn with a sense of freedom, with no two characters exactly alike, giving the font an organic, dynamic quality.
Despite its seemingly haphazard appearance, Whatever maintains a level of legibility that makes it versatile in various contexts. It can be particularly effective in designs targeting a younger audience, creative branding projects, or materials that wish to convey originality and flair. The font invites designers to break free from conventional typography norms, encouraging more personalized and engaging visual communication.
Overall, Whatever by AEnigma is a testament to Brian Kent's imaginative approach to font design. It's a typeface that doesn't take itself too seriously, yet it offers designers a tool to create work that stands out for its authenticity and character. Whether for graphic designs, quirky advertising, or distinctive web elements, Whatever adds a refreshing, spirited touch that can make messages memorable.
Character map
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52 glyphs, 3888 kerning pairs
Typeface © Catty, 2005. All Rights Reserved. whatever:Version 1.00. whatever. Version 1.00 March 29, 2006, initial release. This font was created using Font Creator 5.0 from
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