The Care Bear Family font encapsulates the playful and loving essence of the Care Bears, a group of adorable, colorful bear characters that originated from greeting cards in the early 1980s before expanding into a vast franchise featuring toys, television series, and films. This font, designed to evoke the same sense of joy, comfort, and nostalgia as the Care Bears themselves, is characterized by its whimsical, rounded forms and soft contours, embodying the warmth and friendliness of the Care Bear world.
Every character within the Care Bear Family font possesses a unique personality, evident through its bubbly and cheerful design. The letters are often stylized with rounded edges and gentle curves, mirroring the plush, huggable quality of the Care Bears themselves. Elements of the font may include creative embellishments that remind one of the magical, cloud-filled land of Care-a-Lot, such as stars, hearts, or rainbows subtly incorporated into the character shapes or as accent marks.
The versatility of the Care Bear Family font makes it an excellent choice for a wide range of applications — from children's birthday invitations and party decorations to educational materials and casual, fun branding projects. Its readability, despite its playful design, ensures it maintains a balance between aesthetics and functionality. The font radiates positivity and is capable of turning any text into an invitation to smile, much like the Care Bears' mission to spread love and kindness everywhere. As such, the Care Bear Family font not only serves as a visual delight but also as a reminder of the values the Care Bears stand for.
Character map
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couldnt download this one, said its not a valid file

It downloads OK Erin but it can not open because the person that made the font did not follow the font naming rules and did not include the Unique Font Identifier. Happens with many amateur fonts made before WinXP (in Win95 and 98 it was not a problem).

Easy to fix: goto, download the trial version of Font Creator and install, open the font, goto Format > Naming, tick the checkbox for the unique font identifier and copy the font name in the field. Both in Macintosh Roman and Microsoft Unicode. Save and Bob's your uncle.


You certainly mean “Bob”, not Bob.


See, not all hope is lost ...

Care Bear Family

Unknown license
207 glyphs, 942 kerning pairs
Based on Care Bears typeface by American Greetings. Care Bear Family
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Zip contains 1 files
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