Sure! Penmanship Print is a typeface that exudes a casual warmth and personal touch, embodying the essence of handwritten notes and personal correspondence. Drawing inspiration from traditional handwriting education, this font mimics the style taught in elementary schools, where emphasis is placed on clarity, simplicity, and the art of forming each letter correctly. The letters in Penmanship Print maintain a uniform and consistent stroke width, reminiscent of the writing achieved with standard ballpoint pens or felt-tip markers used in classrooms.
Each character in the Penmanship Print font is crafted to appear as though it were written by hand, yet retains a neatness and uniformity that makes it highly legible and easy on the eyes. This balance makes it particularly suitable for a variety of applications where a personal touch is desired without sacrificing readability. From educational materials that aim to teach young learners the basics of penmanship, to personalized invitations, greeting cards, and branding materials seeking a friendly and approachable vibe, Penmanship Print offers a versatile solution.
The font's charm lies in its simplicity and the nostalgic journey it invokes to the days of learning to write in school notebooks. Despite its informal nature, there's an underlying precision and attentiveness to detail that gives texts a structured yet personal appearance. Its easygoing nature doesn't detract from its functionality, making it a delightful choice for both digital and print mediums where a handwritten effect is sought without the irregularities and idiosyncrasies found in actual handwriting.
Character map
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Penmanship Print

Unknown license
133 glyphs
Freeware enjoy. Penmanship Print. Aug98, not to be sold.. PenmanshipPrint
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