Pea Lyndal, a free handwriting font from Fonts For Peas, encapsulates the charm and personality you’d expect from a thoughtfully designed personal handwriting style. Its creation, inspired by individual writing samples, elevates it beyond mere font status to a personal touch for digital expressions. Fonts For Peas, known for converting actual handwriting into digital fonts, brings a unique, personal feel to digital design with Pea Lyndal, making it stand out in a sea of generic, impersonal typefaces.
The font features a mixture of both playfulness and legibility, making it versatile for various applications. Its characters display a natural irregularity commonly found in handwritten notes, adding authenticity and warmth to digital communications. Each letterform is designed with care to retain the quirks and flourishes of personal handwriting, which invites a casual, friendly atmosphere to projects. Despite its casual nature, Pea Lyndal doesn’t compromise on readability, striking a balance that makes it suitable for personal blogs, digital invitations, educational materials, or any project that benefits from a personal touch.
The character set includes not just the basics of uppercase and lowercase letters, but also a variety of punctuation marks and numerals, ensuring a wide range of usage. The font’s creator has paid great attention to detail, ensuring that each character harmoniously blends with the others while preserving its unique handwritten essence. This attention to the dynamics of natural handwriting sets Pea Lyndal apart as a font that can bring digital words to life, imbuing text with personality and a sense of human touch that often goes missing in the digital world.
Character map
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Pea Lyndal

Unknown license
75 glyphs
Typeface © (Fonts For Peas). 2006. All Rights Reserved Free for personal use, contact for commercial use Pea Lyndal:Version 1.00. Pea Lyndal. Version 1.00 April 27, 2006, initial release. PeaLyndal. This font was created using Font Creator 5.0 from
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