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  1. Biza by Intellecta Design 1.00 USD
    Note: The Lined style is no longer available due its complexity and the resulting memory and performance issues.

  2. Senator by Emigre 39.00 USD
    Greek version by Dimitris Arvanitis.

  3. Beat by MADType 21.00 USD
    Beat is a quirky OCR-inspired face with a rounded, retro-electronic feel.

  4. Sweat by words+pictures 20.00 USD
    Sweat was designed by Gerry Chapleski and published by words+pictures. Sweat contains 1 style.

  5. Serat by Wahyu and Sani Co. 24.00 USD
    Serat is a medium contrast flared serif with mixed up styles of classic typefaces which is highly influenced by early stages of Latin based hand writing. The lowercase are modernized versions of Carolingian minuscules, vertical stems which touch the baseline have been modified to have horizontal cut for simpler look and keep the calligraphic style for terminals & stroke ends. Then the uppercase are flared serif which were influenced by Roman inscriptional capitals.

  6. Sea by Luke Thompson 30.00 USD
    Sea is a versatile sans serif font that works well in a variety of sizes and applications. It's friendly, but robust and professional.

  7. Rumble Seat NF by Nick's Fonts 10.00 USD
    British poster artist Cecil Wade provided the lowercase for this typeface, and his compatriot T. G. Birtles provided the uppercase.

  8. Aisle Seats JNL by Jeff Levine 29.00 USD
    The Redikut Letter Company of Hawthorne, California specialized in die-cut cardboard display letters used by sign makers to achieve a three-dimensional effect on show card and display work.

  9. Balcony Seats JNL by Jeff Levine 29.00 USD
    Balcony Seats JNL is a different take on Jeff Levine's Aisle Seats JNL. The original font was modeled from Redikut die-cut cardboard letters - used in the 1940's and 1950's for display and show card work).

  10. EF Beat by Elsner+Flake 35.00 USD
    EF Beat was designed by Peter Howe and published by Elsner+Flake. EF Beat contains 2 styles and family package options.

  11. Scat Dingbats by Monotype 35.00 USD
    Scat Dingbats was designed by Laurie McCanna and published by Monotype. Scat Dingbats contains 1 style.

  12. Special Seals by Monotype 35.00 USD
    Special Seals was published by Monotype. Special Seals contains 1 style.

  13. Anniversary Seals by Gerald Gallo 20.00 USD
    Anniversary Seals is composed of a seal design reminiscent of the embossed foil seals used in commemorating company anniversaries. The font contains 100 consecutive characters from the first anniversary through the one-hundredth anniversary.

  14. Voel Beat by Mecanorma Collection 45.00 USD
    Voel Beat was published by Mecanorma Collection. Voel Beat contains 1 style.

  15. Sean Phillips by Comicraft 39.00 USD
    England's own Sean Phillips wanted a lettering font to suit his distinctive work with Joe Casey on WILDCATS -- and we gave it to him!

  16. Sealed JNL by Jeff Levine 29.00 USD
    One of six fonts inspired by old stencil lettering guides, Jeff Levine has drawn a font which captures the feel of simpler times when signs and posters were stencilled by school children, teachers, librarians and shopkeepers.

  17. Sean MF by Masterfont 59.00 USD
    Sean MF was designed by Ksenia Galantzan and published by Masterfont. Sean MF contains 3 styles and family package options.

  18. Back Beat by Comicraft 19.00 USD
    You'll have to admit this is a rocking font, man. It's Fab AND Gear. Not only that, it's called BackBeat and it's GOT a backbeat -- you can't lose it (not if you back up all your data on a hard drive stored at a separate facility), any old way you choose it (Opentype, PostScript or TrueType). Yes, it's just gotta be Comic Book Fonts, if you want to dance with the folks who got all shook up about these kind of things.

  19. Beat Block by Funk King 5.00 USD
    The font evokes a blocky and sketchy feel.

  20. Beat Fool by PizzaDude.dk 15.00 USD
    Beat Fool is my latest layered font. I love making layered fonts, because the possibilities are almost endless! Play around with transparency and your favourite colorschemes and patterns to create awesome effects!Beat Fool comes in two layers that plays well together. One layer is solid and can be used for shadow, fill, texture or other creative parts of your design. The second layer is the "Regular" one - the outline that made the basis for the font. I wanted the handmade and handwritten brushstrokes visible, to keep the flaws which makes the look more authentic. Every letter has 4 different versions, again to make things more natural and kind of random!Both layers can be used alone or as described, together - and since it has multilingual support, you can be creative in all kinds of languages! :)

  21. Rookie Heat by Bogstav 17.00 USD
    Based upon classic typefaces such as Bodoni, you might find Rookie Heat familiar. However, the rough outline and handmade look and feel makes it perfect for your craft products. All in all, Rookie Heat is reflecting the beauty of decorative objects.Play around with the swashes for upper- and lowercase to make your designs stand more out.

  22. Rolling Beat by Letterara 16.00 USD
    Rolling Beat is a bold script font, carefully handcrafted to become a true favorite. Its casual charm makes it appear wonderfully down-to-earth, readable, and, ultimately, incredibly versatile. This font will look outstanding in any context, whether it’s being used on busy backgrounds or as a standalone headline! This font is PUA encoded which means you can access all of the glyphs and swashes with ease!

  23. Beat Boy by PizzaDude.dk 18.00 USD
    Searching for some company? Beat Boy is ready to take action - He wants to put that beat to your designs.I am not sure which category Beat Boy fits in...is it graffiti? Comicbook text? Something for candy labels? Cute posters or hardcore skater flyers? ... the purposes of use could be many!

  24. Jolly Beat by PizzaDude.dk 18.00 USD
    Is it monospaced? Is it a numberplate font? What's up with all the different letters?The questions about Jolly Beat are many, but I can tell you this: No sharp edges, multilingual support, contextual alternates (5 different versions of each letter, that automatically cycles as you type!) and a good handful of unpredictable letters!

  25. Public Beat by PizzaDude.dk 15.00 USD
    Public Beat is full of fun and party! Look how the letters jumps and bounces while you type your text - well, that's the Contextual Alternates that are having a party! Each lower-case letter has 4 different versions, that automatically cycles when you type. A great trick to make your text look scrambled and realistic

  26. Beat Word by D&K Project 10.00 USD
    Beat Word a very fun font to use, mixed with alternates and ligatures, and will make your work really fun. This font is really the vintage cartoon style you need combine with ligature and alternate feature the way you want, because it is a very powerful font with a fun alternates and ligatures.

  27. Dead Meat by wearecolt 8.00 USD
    DEAD MEAT - a bold, uppercase display font.

  28. Beat Box by Funk King 5.00 USD
    The font evokes a blocky and sketchy feel.

  29. Neat Hand by Gerald Gallo 20.00 USD
    Neat Hand is a neat hand-lettered sans serif font set. As their names imply Neat Hand Lower Case has a lowercase alphabet while Neat Hand Small Caps has small caps in place of the lowercase alphabet. Both fonts have the same uppercase alphabet, numbers, punctuation, symbols, and miscellaneous characters. The Neat Hand fonts are ideal for use where a neat but casual feel is desirable.

  30. Set Theory by Haiku Monkey 10.00 USD
    If you were a superhero, wouldn't you want your unitard to sport Set Theory, big and bold, on the front?

  31. Silent Seas by Dismantle Destroy 19.00 USD
    This font was inspired by music from the band Silverstein. The main characteristics are the incredibly thin, orgainic lines.

  32. Heritage Set by Katatrad 29.00 USD
    Heritage Set is a display font. It was designed specifically for display, headline, logotype, branding, and similar applications.Heritage Set has been designed to equipped with three different widths; Narrow, Normal and Wide, addition to expanding weights to support various usabilities ranging from ExtraLight, Light, Regular, Bold and ExtraBold. Which makes with a Tabular Lining features support the creativities of the designer from the Font Menu.

  33. Seven Seas by Hanoded 15.00 USD
    Some time ago, my son asked me to name all Seven Seas. I had to think for a bit, because I can think of more than 7 seas (the North Sea, the Caspian Sea, the South China Sea, the Sea Of Okhotsk, etc.), but apparently these are not part of the BIG Seven. It turns out that even oceans count as ‘seas’.Long story short, I created a font, had to think of my son’s question and named the font Seven Seas.

  34. Queen Sea by HansCo 12.00 USD
    Queen Sea is a fun script font with a curly alternate and swash look that is perfect for multipurpose projects. This font looks feminine and will fit well in any design and very recommended for crafts, posters, books, branding, quotes, print templates, packaging, invitations, music labels, product labels, logos and more. This typeface comes in uppercase and lowercase, with punctuation, symbols, numerals, swashes, alternates and also has multilingual support. Swashes is alternate from numeral 0 - 9, You can access swashes from your OpenType panel in your design software.

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