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  1. Rogue Sans Nova by Device 39.00 USD
    Originally commissioned by magazine publisher IPC, Rogue has proved to be one of the most popular Device releases.

  2. Nova Sans by This is Not Typography 29.00 USD
    NovaSans is a modern geometric sans-serif font which captures the spirit of Bossa Nova, a noble Brazilian music style. Music and typography presents several things in commom, so the idea behind the font is show some of bossa nova’s characteristics, like melody, cadence, softness, metric, simplicity, waves, subtleties. Some gaps in representing the source of irregular alignment scores.

  3. Gill Sans Nova by Monotype 49.00 USD
    The Gill Sans® Nova typeface, by Monotype Studio designer George Ryan, expands the much-loved Gill Sans family from 18 to 43 fonts and features a coordinated range of roman and condensed designs. Several new display fonts are available, including a suite of six inline weights, shadowed outline fonts that were never digitized and Gill Sans Nova Deco that was previously withdrawn from the Monotype library.

  4. Joanna Sans Nova by Monotype 49.00 USD
    The Joanna® Sans Nova family is the only typeface in the Eric Gill Series that was not initially designed by Gill. Created by Monotype Studio designer Terrance Weinzierl over a three-year period with digital applications at the forefront of the design criteria, Joanna Sans Nova is a humanist sans serif based primarily on Gill’s original Joanna. The design comprises 16 fonts, from thin to black, each with a complementary italic.

  5. Berling Nova Sans by Linotype 35.00 USD
    Berling Nova Sans was designed by Fredrik Andersson and published by Linotype. Berling Nova Sans contains 7 styles and family package options.

  6. Nova by Fewell Foundry 29.00 USD
    Nova was designed by Martin Fewell and published by Fewell Foundry. Nova contains 2 styles and family package options.

  7. Rogue Serif by Device 29.00 USD
    Recently the Rogue family was designed as an accompaniment to Paralucent for Loaded, London's notorious lads-mag that had found its design being cloned by the competition and sought something unique to set it apart.

  8. Designer's page on Abstract Fonts.
  9. Bordeaux Nova by Fontastica 9.00 USD
    BORDEAUX - A custom handmade display typeface with unique design and hybrid lettering styles.This all caps typeface has two different nature: the uppercase is purely simple & minimal but the lowercase is defined by unique alternatives having special design. This typeface is perfectly suitable for anything that needs to stand out from crowd, be it some Ultra Modern Branding, Techno or Cosmic Themed Designs, Haunted Movie Posters, Mysterious Arts and even the Minimal Stuffs.BORDEAUX could be perfect choice for logo / logotype design, branding, marketing graphics, banners, posters, signage, corporate identities as well as for editorial design that can bring uniqueness. Please see the examples shown above to get an idea about the capability of this typeface.Handcrafted and designed with powerful OpenType features in mind, each weight includes extended language support including Western European & Central European sets.

  10. Neuropol Nova by Typodermic 6.95 USD
    Neuropol Nova is a cold and distant 70th century typeface based on Neuropol X. Stark with calculated overtones, Neuropol Nova stretches the limit of letter form recognition to the realm of ultra-futuristic. The sparsely disconnected forms conjure up cuneiform markings of antiquity, or advanced alphabets from a future yet unseen.

  11. Outlander Nova by Device 29.00 USD
    Outlander Nova is a reworking of Outlander, and adds uppercase characters in addition to the previously available unicase versions.

  12. Albia Nova by Greater Albion Typefounders 9.50 USD
    Albia Nova is a bit of a new departure for Greater Albion-an unashamedly futuristic typeface. It was originally developed for a friend of ours-a set designer who needed some lettering on props for a science fiction play-the brief was to evolve conventional letter forms and speculate as to what they may look like in the future. As released Albia Nova is a more refined version of this idea, placing a bit more emphasis on readability (today) over evolution of the letterforms. The result is good for giving design projects a futuristic feel, but also has something of the 1970s and 1980s about it.

  13. Palatino Nova by Linotype 49.00 USD
    Palatino Nova was designed by Hermann Zapf and published by Linotype. Palatino Nova contains 23 styles and family package options.

  14. Optima nova by Linotype 89.00 USD
    With the clear, simple elegance of its sans serif forms and the warmly human touches of its tapering stems, the Optima family has proved popular around the world.

  15. Nova Horst by PintassilgoPrints 35.00 USD
    Nova Horst is an amplified version of Horst, a highly original font (MyFonts Rising Star) based on etchings by the extraordinary artist and printmaker Horst Janssen.

  16. Metro Nova by Linotype 55.00 USD
    Metro Nova comprises seven weights, from ultra thin to extra black in regular proportions, and six weights as condensed designs. Each has an italic counterpart for a total of 26 fonts.

  17. Haggard Nova by TipografiaRamis 39.00 USD
    Haggard Nova is the new edition of Haggard fonts (designed in 2011). The new typeface is an upgraded version of an old wedge serif font, with careful refinements to glyph shapes, and the extension of glyph amounts which enabled support of more Latin languages.Haggard Nova is released in eight styles with small caps, and true italics, and contains OpenType features. This typeface can be used for editorials and print designs, as well as text and headlines.

  18. Lutetia Nova by RMU 45.00 USD
    Jan van Krimpen’s famous Lutetia, released at the late 1920s, revived by a complete fresh design.

  19. Mangan Nova by Hoftype 49.00 USD
    Mangan Nova is the semi-condensed version of Mangan. Designed for strong headlines but with slender and economical proportions, it fosters space saving text applications while permitting very pleasant reading.

  20. Albertus Nova by Monotype 49.00 USD
    Albertus® Nova is a faithful digital revival of Berthold Wolpe’s earlier design of Albertus and is one of the five designs in The Wolpe Collection of typefaces. This new design enlarges the typeface set from its previous two weights into a robust set of five ranging from thin to black, all with extended language support including Cyrillic and Greek.

  21. Berling Nova by Linotype 35.00 USD
    Swedish designer Karl-Erik Forsberg created the original Berling typeface in 1951. Owned by Verbum in Sweden, Berling was completely redesigned and released in 2004, under the name Berling Nova.

  22. Proxima Nova by Mark Simonson 29.00 USD
    The Proxima Nova family is a complete reworking of Proxima Sans (1994). The original six fonts (three weights with italics) have been expanded to 48 full-featured OpenType fonts. There are three widths: Proxima Nova, Proxima Nova Condensed, and Proxima Nova Extra Condensed. Each width consists of 16 fonts—seven weights with matching italics.

  23. Iova Nova by profonts 39.00 USD
    Iova Nova is based on Jowa Script, designed by J. Wagner in 1967.

  24. Espinosa Nova by Estudio CH 50.00 USD
    Espinosa Nova is a revival based on the types used by Antonio de Espinosa, the most important Mexican printer of the sixteenth century and very probably the first punchcutter anywhere in the American continent (1551).

  25. Joanna Nova by Monotype 49.00 USD
    The Joanna® Nova design, by Monotype Studio designer Ben Jones, is an extensive update to Eric Gill’s original Joanna typefaces and brings this much admired – but underused – slab serif typeface into the 21st century. Joanna Nova features 18 fonts – more than twice as many as the original Joanna – with a wide range of weights including thin and ultra black, which were not available in the original design.

  26. Sina Nova by Hoftype 49.00 USD
    Sina Nova is the slimmer sister of Sina. It has a slightly vertical tendency, a higher x-height which makes it more open in small text sizes. Its economical proportions allow an even more universal application.

  27. Arial Nova by Monotype 35.00 USD
    Arial Nova was published by Monotype. Arial Nova contains 12 styles and family package options.

  28. Bona Nova by Borutta Group 29.00 USD
    ☞ Bona Nova is a collective revival project of Bona typeface designed in 1971 by the author of polish banknotes Andrzej Heidrich. Besides giving the project a digital font form the aim was to expand the base character set: preparation of small caps, designing the alternative glyphs and multiple opentype features. Working together with the author we designed two new text versions: regular and bold – to give the family a form of a classic script triad. ☞ It is accompanied by three title versions and three contour styles under the name of Bona Sforza. All styles contains over 1200 glyphs.

  29. Aldus Nova by Linotype 89.00 USD
    Hermann Zapf and Akira Kobayashi redeveloped Palatino for the 21st Century, creating Palatino nova. The Palatino nova family also includes revised versions of Aldus (now called Aldus nova). A bold weight is added into the font family. The character set support is similar to Palatino nova, but Greek and Cyrillic are not available in book weight fonts.

  30. Nova Caere by Eurotypo 39.00 USD
    Nova Caere is a typical urban calligraphy, gestural with its fast lines, with short and slightly noticeable ascender and descender traits. Condensed lower case and rounded capital letters are quite similar in height.Nova Caere has been studied for alternating upper and lower case inside the words of the text, so as to reinforce their expressive content.

  31. Ars Nova by PintassilgoPrints 24.00 USD
    Ars Nova is an up-to-date incarnation of the Art Nouveau flair. Suited for striking typographic effects.

  32. Aesthet Nova by The Northern Block 28.95 USD
    Aesthet Nova is a display type family. Released initially as Aesthet in 2015, it had a significant makeover. Inspired by the 70’s personality, Aesthet Nova remains true to its original "back to nature" roots. It is a smooth talker with a larger than life personality. Equipped with an extended Cyrillic character set, it features rounded serifs, ball terminals and soft corners.Details include five weights and over 680 characters. OpenType features include inferiors, superiors, fractions and ligatures.

  33. Rockwell Nova by Monotype 35.00 USD
    Rockwell Nova was published by Monotype. Rockwell Nova contains 14 styles and family package options.

  34. Vegas Nova by Fontastica 9.00 USD
    Vegas Nova is a unique & modern Sans-Serif typeface specially designed for headlines, big text, branding, logotypes & display usage. The typeface could be perfect choice for logo / logotype design, branding, marketing graphics, banners, posters, signage, corporate identities as well as for editorial design that can bring freshness and professionalism. Please see the examples shown above to get an idea about the capability of this typeface.Handcrafted and designed with powerful OpenType features in mind, each weight includes extended language support including Western European & Central European sets.Vegas Nova comes with 5 weights (Thin, Light, Regular, Bold and Black) and Italic versions of each weights.CREDITS:Font designed by Jean & Lis at Fontastica, distributed by Designova.

  35. Regulator Nova by Device 39.00 USD
    A high lower-case x-height geometric sans with open counters, Regulator Nova is extremely legible at text sizes and in extended settings while the range of weights also make it suitable for headlines.

  36. Argo Nova by Eliezer Grawe 8.00 USD
    In Greek mythology, Argo was the ship on which Jason and the Argonauts sailed from Iolcos to Colchis to retrieve the Golden Fleece.The Argo Nova font is an adventure though geometric sans universe with a touch of humanistic feel, bringing a different look with curved vertical strokes and high contrast on thicker weights.Designed with OpenType features, it includes extended Latin support, fractions, tabular and old-style figures, ligatures and more.With no excess in mind, it came in 10 styles (5 uprights and is matching italics) and it is a font family ideal for text, branding, signage, editorial, print and web design creations.5 weights: Thin, Light, Regular, Bold and BlackMatching italics Lining and old-style figures with proportional and tabular spacingLigatures on “f”Alternate characters for a, æ, g and ßFractionsOrdinalsExtended language support, designed following the Underware Latin Plus character set, with 534 glyphs, supporting 219 Latin based languages (see https://underware.nl/latin_plus/languages/).* Some features require an application with OpenType support.

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