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  1. Prissa by Corradine Fonts, 14.95 USD
    Prissa was designed by Manuel Corradine and published by Corradine Fonts. Prissa contains 2 styles and family package options.
  2. Astron Boy - Unknown license
  3. Vanilla Boys - Unknown license
  4. Paint Boy - Unknown license
  5. Shuriken Boy by Adobe, 29.00 USD
    A few years ago when Joachim Müller-Lancé was doodling shapes on paper, he made the following observation: “My sketches revealed how letterforms can be perceived not only as black strokes on a white background, but also as shapes punching through one another.” Thus was Shuriken Boy born.
  6. Phat Boi by Comicraft, 19.00 USD
    Word up! DJ Dongboi and triple threat "JG" Roshell has been bustin' out for all the young font gunnahs out there. He bein' crazy, givin' out the love and non-stop dope moves... You feel it? Be showin' ya respect and holla at the Phat Boi an' y'all be cool. Aiiiigggghhht?! Phatboi is Da Next Big Thang! Stay bent.
  7. Bad Boy by BA Graphics, 45.00 USD
    If you are looking for some wild extreme grunge this is it.
  8. Big Boy by Type Innovations, 39.00 USD
    I have always wanted to create the world's biggest and heaviest font. I admit that I was visually inspired by contenders like Akimoto, Champ Ultra, Blackoak and Bloque. However, I not only wanted a real heavyweight, but a really good looking and readable font as well.
  9. Sammy Boy by Hanoded, 20.00 USD
    Sammy Boy is sweet and cuddly when he wants to, but also loud and boisterous. Sammy Boy keeps you awake at night, but smiles at you in the morning. Sammy Boy can speak most languages. Sammy Boy is amazing.
  10. Elevator Boy by PizzaDude.dk, 20.00 USD
    Watch Elevator Boy bounce up and down, a playful, whimsical display type that looks like fun and tastes like Saturday morning cartoons.
  11. Just Boys by j.dsky, 19.00 USD
    Silhouette font designed to be used as a decorative element within layouts and illustrations. Featuring boys and toys in everyday life situations.
  12. Idiot Boy by The Type Fetish, 20.00 USD
    Idiot Boy was inspired and named after a design by Huw Morgan from the book Typographics 1. Idiot Boy is built from The Type Fetish’s distressed collection of fonts, including a few that have never been released.
  13. Beat Boy by PizzaDude.dk, 18.00 USD
    Searching for some company? Beat Boy is ready to take action - He wants to put that beat to your designs.I am not sure which category Beat Boy fits in...is it graffiti? Comicbook text? Something for candy labels? Cute posters or hardcore skater flyers? ... the purposes of use could be many!
  14. Nature Boy by Adorae Types, 20.00 USD
    Nature Boy was born in a fantasy world of old, where you can find magic, elegance, dreams and fun all together... just like nature in its purest form with its leafy curves and shapes that make it peacefully enjoyable. Soft and simple yet fairly ornamental, attributes that create an enchanting atmosphere but keep the texts legible at the same time when combined. Nature Boy can bring life and magic to every design, from editorial to posters, brands and packagings. Just picture this font on any product intended to move your soul and take you on a journey into a different and most beautiful place and time and let the adventure begin.This font family is made up of optically corrected regular, italic and bold types. All of them contain functional ligatures with alternative glyphs for texts and words to be dynamical and fluently graphed.
  15. City Boys by Dharma Type, 19.99 USD
    City Boys is a fashionable contrasted sans-serif that can be used in almost any situation.
  16. Happy Boy by Niznaztype, 12.00 USD
    Happy Boy is a handwritten sans typeface that has a rounded corner in each glyph. Inspired from speech bubble for comics, illustrations and kid writing.Happy Boy is perfect for comics, illustrations, cartoons and very suitable for speech bubble text. It is fun, easy communication and an eye catching style. You can use it for cover book, tagline, poster, branding, advertising, wallpainting letter, graphic design, and more.Happy Boy comes in 4 styles, regular, italic, bold and bold italic.
  17. Pumpkin Boy by PizzaDude.dk, 14.00 USD
    October is the season for pumpkins - some of them are meant for soups, salad or other kinds of food. Others are cut into creepy looking pumpkinheads...and then there are the ones that are used for fun and games only! And that is exactly what this font is about!Pumpkin Boy is my laid back comic font with a jumpy x-height and crunchy lines. If you choose to write in uppercase only, the letters are a bit less funky, but still crunchy and great for headlines.I've added ligatures for double letters substitution for the most common letter combinations.
  18. Humble Boys by Abo Daniel, 15.00 USD
    IntroducingHUMBLE BOYS- a playful font -It's great for branding, packaging, logo, quotes, and another project that needs a cheerful feel.It came with 3 styles Regular, Solid, and AccentHumble Boys Solid and Humble Boys Accent is a perfect combination.It is multilingual supportThis font is very easy to use...even for a beginner.Regards,Abo Daniel Studio
  19. Prisma - Unknown license
  20. Priory by Classic Font Company, 44.95 USD
    The Priory is a modern face with the feel of a earlier uncial style, which lends itself to any work requiring a celtic or Irish feel. If a more authentic look is required I would recommend that you look at our Bede & Baterd faces; or for a free flow (cursive) look at Scriptoria.
  21. Prisma by Fontfabric, 19.00 USD
    Prisma is a custom font which is applicable for any type of graphic design - web, print, motion graphics etc and perfect for t-shirts and other items.
  22. Pressio by Signal, 50.00 USD
    Pressio is a study in doing things backwards. We began with the weight that’s usually drawn last: the ultra-compressed black. This was squashed down vertically in increments to make the compressed, condensed, and regular widths, then hollowed like a dugout canoe to produce the lighter weights. The narrower bold cuts are inspired by the great mid-century skyline sanses. The widest cuts are stark, idiosyncratic, and intense. In between, 20 styles in five weights and four widths provide a broad range of expression. Forms are strict and modular. X-height is high. Curves are subtly superelliptical, and square counters add crispness. For those who prefer it, a set of stylistic alternates is available to round some of the unexpectedly sharp corners of letters like S, s, and a. Case-sensitive punctuation and delimiters are included, and a full range of diacritics provides support for over 130 languages. And it goes well with its sister family, Pressio Stencil.
  23. Parisi by Eurotypo, 34.00 USD
    The Parisii was a small Gallic people settled in the current Paris region, which gave its name to the city of Paris. According to Caesar (53 BC.), their main town (oppidum) was Lutetia (Paris). Parisii was born of inspiration to be leafing through some old magazines on the terrace of a cafe in the beautiful city that is Paris. Parisi is like the city: casual, youth, romantic, free spirited and, at the same time, sophisticated, elegant and classic.
  24. Fristy by PizzaDude.dk, 20.00 USD
    Fristy has more than 300 ligatures for you to play around with.
  25. Prosty by Fontsphere, 12.00 USD
    PROSTY is a family of minimalistic and geometric fonts. It follows the style of other Fontsphere's forms, but goes one step further.It contains both uppercase and lowercase characters, which makes it useful for display, titling, captions but also for composing short, intermediate and longer texts, which is a very interesting and useful combination here. It was created carefully with details in mind.PROSTY contains a large number of characters as well as multilingual support.
  26. Orator by Bitstream, 29.00 USD
    Orator was designed by John Scheppler and published by Bitstream. Orator contains 2 styles and family package options.
  27. Orator by Adobe, 35.00 USD
    Orator is a monospaced typeface made up of capitals and small capitals only; it can be used for tabular material or technical documentation.
  28. Orator by Linotype, 35.00 USD
    Orator was designed by John Scheppler and published by Linotype. Orator contains 2 styles and family package options.
  29. Orator by Mecanorma Collection, 45.00 USD
    Orator was published by Mecanorma Collection. Orator contains 1 style.
  30. Frets by Dingbatcave, 39.00 USD
    Frets is a font family with three fonts in five different styles each: Ultra Light, Light, Regular, Bold and Ultra Bold. Based on geometric "fret" patterns that were popular in Ancient Greek designs, these are similar to Modules in that an unlimited number of different patterns can be created by varying the individual characters in different sequences. You can make your own elaborate and ornate frames and decorative tiling edging. These also work similarly to all the Dingbatcave border fonts like Ornaborders, Framemaker and Gingerbread Borders. Each style contains 94 characters, for a total of 470 characters in each font, and a total of 1410 characters in this family.
  31. Fram by Juraj Chrastina, 29.00 USD
    Fram is an uppercase stencil typeface. It comes with a fine-tuned kerning, its extensive character set ensures multiple languages coverage and the design is adapted to different ranges of size through size-specific optical compensation. Fram L is intended for use at large sizes and Fram S with larger gaps guarantees good performance even when the size is reduced.
  32. Bosis by Monotype, 35.00 USD
    Bosis was designed by Bo Berndal and published by Monotype. Bosis contains 8 styles and family package options.
  33. Bios by MiniFonts.com, 12.00 USD
    When you need a font that stays crisp and doesn't anti-alias, Bios is ultra modern, razor sharp and very stylish. Its 18 pixel setting size makes it ideally suitable for menus, headlines and logos and whenever you need something a little bigger.
  34. Bohy by wkklee, 25.00 USD
    Bohy was a candidate when it was felt there was a need for a "house font" to start a design service. Its readability can be relied on to clearly display the most creative or obscured names, yet the adherence to a chosen system of construction to achieve this consistency also make the Bohy characters stubbornly distinguishable from most other font sets if you were to group it under geometric, or technical typeface, or some other categories it should belong (it is considered more constructivist, not humanist, etc...).
  35. Bonning by Greater Albion Typefounders, 8.95 USD
    Bonning is a Roman face full of the spirit of the 1920s.
  36. Boxed by Tipo Pèpel, 18.00 USD
    Boxed typography is a new and extensive 18 weight typeface, brightly conceived and designed to look good on small screen devices, but offering also enlightened looks on paper. The semi-modular geometric font shapes seek to be fully responsive to the grid of screen«s pixels to deliver a crisp, fluid reading rate.
  37. BOT by fontkingz, 19.00 USD
    The BOT font package includes two character sets, BOT-Regular and -Stencil. The futuristic looking characters are designed to work in both large scale and small sizes; it works very well as a comfortable, readable lettering on machines of any kind as much as in print and screen publications. In addition, the BOT-Stencil letters can easily be cut out and work as a template for painting type on any surface.
  38. Body by Zetafonts, 29.00 USD
    Body graphic project at BehanceBody is a type family designed for Zetafonts by Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini with Andrea Tartarelli. Conceived as a contemporary alternative to modernist superfamilies like Univers or Helvetica, Body tries to maximize text readability while providing a wide range of options for the designer. It comes in two variants (Body Text and Body Grotesque), each in four widths and four weights: regular and bold for basic typesetting, light and extrabold for display use.
  39. Boa by Alien, 30.00 USD
    Boa bold is a basic display font made for print.
  40. Bowie by Latinotype, 19.00 USD
    The name of this typeface comes from the surname of James (Jim) Bowie, American pioneer and inventor of the famous Bowie knife. This is exactly what inspired English rockstar David Jones to change his stage name to David Bowie.
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