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  1. Garamond 3 by Adobe 35.00 USD
    Some of the most popular typefaces in history are those based on the types of the sixteenth-century printer, publisher, and type designer Claude Garamond, whose sixteenth-century types were modeled on those of Venetian printers from the end of the previous century.

  2. Garamond #3 by Linotype 35.00 USD
    Opinion varies regarding the role of Claude Garamond (ca. 1480–1561) in the development of the Old Face font Garamond. What is accepted is the influence this font had on other typeface developments from the time of its creation to the present. Garamond, or Garamont, is related to the alphabet of Claude Garamond (1480-1561) as well as to the work of Jean Jannon (1580–1635 or 1658), much of which was attributed to Garamond. In comparison to the earlier Italian font forms, Garamond has finer serifs and a generally more elegant image.

  3. joeHand 3 by JOEBOB graphics 19.00 USD
    A clean and straight-up version of the joeHand series.

  4. Caslon 3 by Adobe 35.00 USD
    The vast popularity of William Caslon’s eighteenth-century types led to a practically endless range of Caslon copies; among them Caslon 540, from American Type Founders in 1902, and Caslon 3, a slightly bolder face also from ATF in 1905, which was later modified for use with Intertype and Linotype technologies. Both designs have the warm, solid, straightforward style that has made Caslon popular for over 200 years; these Caslons, however, have shorter descenders, and higher contrast, features that enable them to hold up better with the faster presses and the new varieties of paper introduced at the turn-of-the-century.

  5. Caslon #3 by Linotype 35.00 USD
    The Englishman William Caslon (1672–1766) first cut his typeface Caslon in 1725. His major influences were the Dutch designers Christoffel van Dijcks and Dirck Voskens. The Caslon font was long known as the script of kings, although on the other side of the political spectrum, the Americans used it as well for their Declaration of Independence. The characteristics of the earlier Renaissance typefaces are only barely detectable. The serifs are finer and the axis of the curvature is almost or completely vertical. The overall impression which Caslon makes is serious, elegant and linear. Next to Baskerville, Caslon is known as the embodiment of the English Baroque-Antiqua and has gone through numerous new interpretations, meaning that every Caslon is slightly different.

  6. Unit 3 by T-26 49.00 USD
    Unit 3 was designed by Jim Marcus and published by T-26. Unit 3 contains 4 styles and family package options.

  7. dearJoe 3 by JOEBOB graphics 39.00 USD
    Finally it’s done! The DearJoe 3 ‘Ultimate handwriting’ font, composed of scanned handwriting which makes it look quite convincingly real. It contains over 500 characters, 200 of them ligatures. Typing your text with this font feels like old-school writing with a pen, especially since every word will be constructed of different letter combinations. Give it a try and you’ll probably be surprised…

  8. Webicon 3 + 4 by MiniFonts.com 12.00 USD
    The Webicon 3 + 4 package contains the Webicon 3 and Webicon 4 fonts and gives you over 160 original icons in both positive and negative variants, so you get over 320 icons and hundreds of possibilities.

  9. Deco Experiment 3 by Intellecta Design 15.90 USD
    Note: The Decorative style is no longer available due its complexity and the resulting memory and performance issues.

  10. Ornaments 3 AR by ARTypes 30.00 USD
    Ornaments 3 contains ornaments based on designs by Bernard Naudin for Deberny et Peignot, c. 1924; and ornaments based on designs by Oldrich Menhart, Karel Svolinsky and Jaroslav Slab for the state printing office of Czechoslovakia and Grafotechna.

  11. LHF Esoteric 3 by Letterhead Fonts 46.00 USD
    This latest incarnation of Esoteric features 3 fonts: Regular, Spurs, and Fancy. Each font includes small caps, numbers, full punctuation and foreign accent characters.

  12. Calligraphia Latina 3 by Intellecta Design 24.90 USD
    One of the most successful ornament fonts is CalligraphiaLatina. It is part of a trend that's been quite popular lately: messed-up calligraphy.

  13. Sewing Patterns 3 by Lauren Ashpole 15.00 USD
    Sewing Patterns 3 is the latest installment in the Sewing Patterns font series and this time it's all menswear. This dingbat was inspired by men's fashions from the 1920s to the 1960s. Like it's predecessors, the numbers take a quick dive into children's styles from those eras.

  14. Hype vol 3 by Positype 20.00 USD
    Hype lives up to its name. An energetic attempt to blow past previous sans’ descriptive words of massive, large, extensive, super and others. Hype transcends the everyday marketing terms and rests solely atop them all with a jaw-dropping current offering of 432 fonts that spans 18 widths and 12 weights. Insert a long pause and mic drop here, because nothing compares.Hype Volume 3 includes 6 of the 18 subfamilies that comprise the full Hype Collection. Each of these subfamilies represent 1 of the 18 available widths and each width contains 12 weights and matching italics. Volume 3 contains 144 fonts. Families included in Volume 3: Hype 0300, Hype 0600, Hype 0900, Hype 1200, Hype 1500, and Hype 1800. If you would like to complete your collection be sure to view and purchase Hype vol 1 and Hype vol 2.Hype’s bombastic approach meant supplying everything it could within each typeface: including small caps, yes small caps, a full numeral set that includes inferiors and superiors, super- and subscripts, full fraction support, case-sensitive forms, stylistic alternate letterforms, and more while touting a full Western, Central and South Eastern European character support.Embracing a Univers-esque bravado and a willingness to push the envelope, Hype leaves even more room to grow. No corners were cut, no shortcuts taken with a focus on sensible, efficient letter construction and functional reliability that ignores any one classification and instead looks to form an amalgam of classic sans styles influenced by wood type, movie showcards, and urban industrial letterforms.

  15. Webicon 3 + 4 HR by MiniFonts.com 12.00 USD
    The Webicon 3 + 4 package contains the Webicon 3 and Webicon 4 fonts and gives you over 160 original icons in both positive and negative variants, so you get over 320 icons and hundreds of possibilities.

  16. Wopi Script No 3 by 066.FONT 14.95 USD
    Wopi Script No 3 was designed by Piotr Wozniak and published by 066.FONT. Wopi Script No 3 contains 1 style.

  17. AF-LED7 Seg-3 by Fortune 15.00 USD
    * For when you need the most realistic looking electronic display.

  18. Calligraphia Latina Soft 3 by Intellecta Design 22.90 USD
    Calligraphia Latina Soft 3 was designed by Iza W and published by Intellecta Design. Calligraphia Latina Soft 3 contains 3 styles and family package options.

  19. Hurme Geometric Sans 3 by Hurme 49.00 USD
    Hurme Geometric Sans No.3 includes seven weights with true Small Caps and obliques. Please see the specimen PDF for complete overview of the typeface and its features. Alternate characters and other Opentype features make for a versatile family that can be adjusted for specific needs.

  20. 3 The Hard Way RMX by Fenotype 29.95 USD
    3 The Hard Way RMX was designed by Emil Bertell and published by Fenotype. 3 The Hard Way RMX contains 3 styles and family package options.

  21. 3 The Hard Way Overrun by Fenotype 29.95 USD
    3 The Hard Way Overrun was designed by Emil Bertell and published by Fenotype. 3 The Hard Way Overrun contains 1 style.

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