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  1. Rackham Italic - Unknown license
  2. Lionheart Italic - Unknown license
  3. Xephyr Italic - Personal use only
  4. Uberhölme Italic - Personal use only
  5. Occoluchi Italic - Unknown license
  6. Regulators Italic - Unknown license
  7. Perdition Italic - Unknown license
  8. Quartermain Italic - Unknown license
  9. Freebooter Italic - Unknown license
  10. Lichtner Italic - Unknown license
  11. Maranallo Italic - Unknown license
  12. Yellowjacket Italic - Unknown license
  13. Curlmudgeon Italic - Unknown license
  14. U.S.A. Italic - Unknown license
  15. Salmiak Italic - 100% free
  16. Questlok Italic - Unknown license
  17. XPED Italic - Unknown license
  18. Aquaduct Italic - Unknown license
  19. Mouser Italic - Unknown license
  20. Indy Italic by ITC, 35.00 USD
    Indy Italic was designed by Charles Hughes and published by ITC. Indy Italic contains 1 style.
  21. Rage Italic by ITC, 35.00 USD
    Rage Italic was designed by Ron Zwingelberg and published by ITC. Rage Italic contains 2 styles and family package options.
  22. Triplex Italic by Emigre, 39.00 USD
    The drawings, for what is now Triplex Italic, were done in Iowa City in 1985 by John Downer. The italic was originally conceived as a companion for another typeface being drawn at the same time called Arcatext, which (like Triplex) could be described as a "humanist sans-serif" having simplified character shapes constructed mostly of geometric parts.
  23. Royale Italic by Resistenza, 39.00 USD
    With Royale, Resistenza reinvented the bifurcated Tuscan genre in a contemporary, warm and playful form. Now our aim was to complete this decorative family with an italic version of the font. Rounded terminals, fabulous fancy fun spurs with elegant and extravagant flourishing - Royale italic comes in 8 weights which can also be layered to create polychromatic effects in another nod to the Victorian era these styles were popularised.While inspired by days gone past this Royale is far from a revival as unlike the classic Tuscans which inspired its structure Royale is monoline and sophisticated in its simplicity. Perfect for display and emphasis, Royale will command attention and leave a memorable impression wherever it is used.Check out also Royale
  24. Andes Italic by Latinotype, 29.00 USD
    Andes, designed by Daniel Hernández, is a display typeface that has neo-humanist characteristics. Its different terminals, among other elements, give it a look of mixed typography.
  25. Whisky Italics by Corradine Fonts, 5.00 USD
    Whisky is a blackletter font family with a casual touch that makes it look friendly and current. The stroke varies its thickness and angle endings making it form very dynamic bodies of text. Whisky Italics are the corresponding versions to the original Whisky fonts made to complement the family with a new style.Like the original Whisky family Whisky Italics includes seven weights, each with a fill and a inline version that allow you to develope more colorful applications overlaping them as layers. Also by using Open Type features you can access to an extended set of characters wich contains swashes and alternative endings to make more playful compositions.
  26. Allust Italic by Halfmoon Type, 20.00 USD
    Allust Italic is an Upright italic font that is inspired by italic version some old-style serif typefaces specimen and an from my own flawed italic letterforms back in 2016. Download the cheat sheet for Allust Italic Ornament here:https://www.dropbox.com/s/yz1rvdopxm6mwva/Allust%20Italic%20Ornament%20Cheat%20Sheet.pdf?dl=0
  27. Heck Italic by E-phemera, 20.00 USD
    Heck Italic is based on captions, labels and legends appearing on 19th-century maps and natural history engravings by J. G. Heck.
  28. Uniform Italic by Miller Type Foundry, 25.99 USD
    Now Uniform comes in Italics! Uniform is a multi-width geometric type family designed around the circle. The O of the Regular width is based on a circle, the O of the Condensed width is based on 1.5 circles stacked (with straight sides) and the O of the Extra Condensed width is based on two circles stacked with straight sides as well, and all other characters are derived from this initial concept. This unique idea creates a remarkably fresh type family that bridges the gap between circular geometric typefaces and condensed straight-sided typefaces. Uniform also includes many opentype features like Old Style Figures, Tabular Lining Figures, Alternate characters, Ligatures and more.Uniform was first drawn starting with the Black weight. This careful process allows each character to look consistent and balanced through all weights. As a result, the typeface does not ‘break down’ or lose its form in the boldest weights like many typefaces do.
  29. Mussica Italic by Corradine Fonts, 35.00 USD
    In 2009, Corradine Fonts released one of its most successful projects: Mussica, an experimental and hybrid typeface that explore the exaggeration of ascenders and descenders in a high contrast style. Now, around eight years later, we are proud to introduce Mussica Italic, which surpass the original version in quality and quantity of ornamental possibilities while try to maintain its proportions and looking. Mussica Italic is programmed to obtain a smart replacement of swashes, endings and ligatures using the Open Type features, but you can also explore manually its wide range of alternatives to get the best graphic result according to your requirements.
  30. Hearst Italic by Solotype, 19.95 USD
    Carl Schraubstadter of the Inland Type Foundry probably had more to do with the design of this italic than he did with the roman.
  31. Plau Italics by Plau, 19.00 USD
    Futurist italic typeface from the programming era, Plau is a sans-serif with rounded corner personality and interestingly deliberate lettershapes. Comfortable in headlines, reads surprisingly well in longer passages of text.
  32. Hanes Italic by Scriptorium, 18.00 USD
    Hanes Italic was designed by David Nalle and published by Scriptorium. Hanes Italic contains 1 style.
  33. Chocolates Italic - Personal use only
  34. Italo by Antipixel, 15.00 USD
    Italo is a decorative, friendly, san-serif handwritten font. This font will provide an informal, cute look to your work! It can be used for small ammount of text, and display usage because of its glyph quality.Italo offers OpenType features, including ligatures, alternates, smallcaps, scientific superior/inferior figures, oldstyle figures, fractions.
  35. Andron Freefont LAT - Personal use only
  36. Late Breaking News JNL by Jeff Levine, 29.00 USD
    Re-drawn from a screen capture of a vintage newspaper front page, Late Breaking News JNL is a traditional sans serif that's perfect for headlines, titling and other forms of announcements.
  37. H74 Viva Los Vatos by Hydro74, 25.00 USD
    H74 Viva Los Vatos was designed by Joshua Smith and published by Hydro74. H74 Viva Los Vatos contains 1 style.
  38. Air Millhouse Italic - Unknown license
  39. Maranallo High Italic - Unknown license
  40. Pirate Keg Italic - Unknown license
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