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  1. Normale by Mans Greback 59.00 USD
    Imperfect typewriting typeface.

  2. Norman by Resistenza 45.00 USD
    Get to know Norman, elegant and fashion forward. This new condensed and high contrast serif font is based on expansion giving a sense of self confidence. The oblique ax was specially added to get a contemporary and innovative sense. Norman is young and idealist, he has a distinctive sense of style. A complete set of ligatures and stylistic alternates is included, this will help the designer to customize and give a special look to any layout. We recommend to use it for big title, magazine, editorial purposes and display. Norman Family contains 2 styles, Regular and Italic, both fonts have another version a bit heavier called Regular 2 and Italic 2.

  3. Norma by Linotype 35.00 USD
    Norma was designed by Franko Luin and published by Linotype. Norma contains 10 styles and family package options.

  4. Slam Normal by Wiescher Design 12.00 USD
    »SLAM« is my new, very sturdy but elegant slab-serif font family. I designed this font family with body copy in mind and gave it all the glyphs necessary for use with all latin writing languages. I also gave the fonts all kinds of different numerals as well as a complete set of small caps and overall extensive kerning. It comes in eight normal weights with corresponding oblique cuts and it comes in a rounded version and corresponding obliques as well. Enjoy this original font, it is a real work horse!

  5. CA Normal by Cape Arcona Type Foundry 40.00 USD
    CA Normal is a typeface aiming for beauty without ostensible effects, merely relying on clarity and well balanced proportions. True beauty is not to be found in perfect geometry, so slight irregularities and inconsequences are spread throughout the typographic image. That’s perfection through imperfection.

  6. Fabrikat Normal by HVD Fonts 40.00 USD
    Fabrikat Normal is a geometric typeface which is based on 20th century German engineers’ typefaces. It is optimised for small sizes and long texts, but due to its constructed architecture it also works in headlines or display use. You can combine Fabrikat Normal with the more straight and space saving Fabrikat Kompakt or the reduced to the max Fabrikat Mono.

  7. Normande by Bitstream 29.00 USD
    A French form of Fat Face, derived from the British; matrices survive at Berthold in Berlin.

  8. Corvallis by ITC 65.00 USD
    Corvallis was designed by Philip Bouwsma and published by ITC. Corvallis contains 2 styles and family package options.

  9. Dorsal by Wordshape 20.00 USD
    Dorsal is a display typeface that is based on a rare bit of lettering from a 1910 German lettering book.

  10. Portal by Fontfabric 19.00 USD
    Portal is a custom font which is applicable for any type of graphic design - web, print, motion graphics etc and perfect for t-shirts and other items.

  11. Cormac by Typedepot 19.00 USD
    Cormac is a humanist typeface characterized with it's large x-height and slightly flared stems. The word that best describes our ideas in the beginning of the project is "simple" - the idea behind it was to strip the letter forms of everything unnecessary, and yet keep the typeface interesting.

  12. Norwill by Din Studio 25.00 USD
    Norwill is a modern display font. Made for any professional project especially that related to the sports. Beside that, this font can be used for printing, branding and quotes.Features:PUA EncodedMultilingual SupportNumerals and PunctuationThank you for downloading premium fonts from Din Studio

  13. Formal 436 by Bitstream 29.00 USD
    Formal 436 was published by Bitstream. Formal 436 contains 1 style.

  14. Provan Formal by Matteson Typographics 19.95 USD
    Provan is a contemporary humanist sans serif with roots in calligraphy and incised letters. These timeless inspirations result in a typeface family that transcends fashion and adds a strong sense of authenticity to brands. The regular version of Provan has angled stem endings and oblique stress in curved shapes which add to its friendly and legible warmth. Provan Formal straightens these stroke endings to bring a more refined alignment of letters. The typefaces include swash capitals, small capitals, old style figures and special Celtic capital variants. The Inline version of Provan is useful for drop capitals, book covers and posters. Provan bucks the ubiquitous neutrality of geometric typefaces and exudes a sense of humanity, craftsmanship and warmth.

  15. Crivar Formal by Scriptorium 12.00 USD
    Crivar Formal was designed by David Nalle and published by Scriptorium. Crivar Formal contains 1 style.

  16. Grunge Formal by Scholtz Fonts 15.00 USD
    Grunge Formal started out as a more upright, formal version of one of my fonts, Figment.

  17. Formal 436 by Tilde 39.75 USD
    Formal 436 was published by Tilde. Formal 436 contains 1 style.

  18. Agatized Formal by ULGA Type 25.00 USD
    Agatized Formal is a chunky stencil typeface with slightly condensed letterforms and tight spacing. Designed primarily for display use, it’s ideal for posters, logos, advertising, book cover designs or small chunks of text such as pull-out quotes.It exudes authority without taking itself seriously, like a plump jolly uncle in charge of a brass band. Agatized Formal is a big, bold typeface with a charismatic presence that commands attention – in a friendly way, of course.But what really makes this typeface come alive is its arsenal of alternative characters and ligatures. There is a saying: Use sparingly. Whoa! Not here, no, no, no. Make your Glyphs palette earn its money. Flex your OpenType muscles: get stylized, contextualized, indulge in some ligaddiction. This typeface is a peacock that likes to put on a show, spread its plumage and strut around in all its blazing glory.Agatized, according to Wiktionary, means: A living thing converted into the form of agate; fossilized. I felt the name suited the solid, almost rock-like letterforms, but most of all I just wanted a typeface name that began with the letter A.Although Agatized Formal is a single-weight typeface it has a sibling, Agatized Informal, an older, more casual brother, rougher round the edges with craggy good looks and an altogether more jaunty style.

  19. Mosquito Formal by Monotype 65.00 USD
    Mosquito Formal was published by Monotype. Mosquito Formal contains 17 styles and family package options.

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