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  1. Monde Libre by Elyas Beria 12.00 USD
    Monde Libre is a display typeface that exudes optimism, joy, and whimsy. I designed this typeface based on a sign in a clip from some old film footage I saw somewhere. It stayed with me as a typeface that evokes the France of my dreams. Enjoy!

  2. Dear Pony by Eko Bimantara 5.00 USD
    DearPony is a sweet, warm, quirky, yet classy serif and signature script font duo.

  3. Geodec Fog by Intellecta Design 19.95 USD
    Geodec Fog was published by Intellecta Design. Geodec Fog contains 3 styles and family package options.

  4. Rocketship From Infinity by Device 29.00 USD
    Rocketship From Infinity was designed by Rian Hughes and published by Device. Rocketship From Infinity contains 1 style.

  5. Escape From Budapest by Matt Frost 30.00 USD
    I found this type specimen in the Communist Sculpture graveyard outside of Budapest. Though there isn't much information -- this statue has been left to rot -- I have been told that it carries the names of fallen Russian soldiers after they brutally squashed the Hungarian uprising of 1956. The statue was erected in Budapest in 1957 as a reminder not to revolt again. That didn't last long. This is a small cap font. Go to http://facebook.com/frostfoundry to share this and see more!

  6. Word From Radio by Dharma Type 14.99 USD
    Based on retro vinyl records in the middle of 20th century. the mixture of funky, hippie and mid-century’s futuristics.

  7. From The Stars by Typodermic 19.95 USD
    From the Stars is rectilinear sans-serif typeface inspired by ultramodern industrial design. It’s available in 7 weights and italics.

  8. From The Internet by Typodermic 9.95 USD
    From the Internet is a narrow, square-sans font family designed for future use. The design was derived from the From The Stars font family. In OpenType savvy applications, you can access an alternate f and t using the stylistic alternates feature.

  9. Love From Me by PizzaDude.dk 20.00 USD
    Love From Me is my love font - use for your wedding invitations, valentines cards, loveletters - or if you just need to be romantic! The font comes in three different versions: regular, heart and star - use them together and create more romantic vibes! All versions has got ligatures for double lettering, and different lower- and uppercase - and all versions even comes with stylistic alternatives! This way your text will look more like real handwriting!

  10. Designer's page on Abstract Fonts.
  11. Ponte Vecchio NF by Nick's Fonts 10.00 USD
    An elegant typeface from the turn of the last century named "Venezia", issued by Karl Brendler and Son of Vienna, provided the inspiration for this little gem, with hints of the exotic.

  12. Aaux Next Cond by Positype 22.00 USD
    When the original Aaux was introduced in 2002, I intended to go back and expand the family to offer more versatility. Years went by before I was willing to pick it up again and invest the proper time into building a viable and useful recut. Just putting a new designation and tweaking a few glyphs here and there would not do the designer or the typeface justice; instead, I chose to redraw each glyph's skeleton from scratch for the four main subsets of the super family along with their italics. Each glyph across the super family is 'connected at the hip' with each style—each character carries the no frills, simple architecture that endeared so many users to it.

  13. WHAT SOUND POUNDS? by The Fontry 5.00 USD
    You'll want to call it many things. You'll swear it's a sport font in distress. You'll imagine it emblazoned on the flanks of battered starships. You'll wonder what niche, what genre it was ever meant to occupy. Is it a display font? Text? Is that a noise in your ear? A sounding pound against your thoughts? Ask what you think of that sound and it's potential to melt you where you stand, and you'll find this very font staring back on you.

  14. Pind-O-Rama by PintassilgoPrints 24.00 USD
    Pind-O-Rama is quite an unconventional font, with strange counters and shapes and choices and interlocks that just stand out. For sometimes fitting in is absolutely not wanted.Pindorama is how the native Tupi people originally called Brazil before colonization by the Portuguese. This font draws inspiration from a book on Brazil colonial background, precisely from a 1961 edition - the book was first published in 1943. Unfortunately the cover design is uncredited.

  15. Pony Xpress NF by Nick's Fonts 10.00 USD
    The 1885 specimen book of the Palmer and Rey Type Foundry of San Francisco featured the inspiration for this typeface under the name Courier. This version has been thoughtfully designed to use Contextual Alternates to avoid unsightly swash collisions. Both versions of this font include the complete Latin 1252 and Central European 1250 character sets.

  16. Sassoon Primary Cond by Sassoon-Williams 48.00 USD
    Those who design books for young children should consider the different needs of their readers. When laying out pages for young readers, particular care should be taken over word spacing. Don't forget that justifying short lines disrupts spacing. Justification should be used only when absolutely necessary. In the research undertaken with young readers the importance of consistent spacing was clear. It also appeared that the poorer readers profited from wider word spacing, while spacing that suited the poorest readers, positively annoyed the better readers.

  17. Pony Tale Pro by Jonahfonts 45.00 USD
    Pony Tale Pro is a handwritten unconnected script face in eight styles: Light, Regular, Bold and Outline with Italics and Small-Caps. Very suitable for Packaging, Greeting cards, Magazines, Posters and Advertising Ads.

  18. PT Script Fog by ParaType 25.00 USD
    Based on informal handwriting. For use in advertising and display typography.

  19. From Where You Are by Kimberly Geswein 5.00 USD
    Created from real hand-painted letters, this font is designed to look like a painted sign.

  20. Plz Print Bold Cond by Outside the Line 19.00 USD
    A bold, energetic, friendly font with a little bounce to it. A good, casual headline font. Works back well with Plz Print or Plz Script.

  21. Le Monde Sans Std by Typofonderie 59.00 USD
    Humanist sans in 8 stylesDesigned by Jean François Porchez, Le Monde Sans is a sanserif based on Le Monde Journal — a practice that become commonplace from early nineties. Designed originally in 1994 for the Le Monde newspapers, it was expended over the years to the large family we know today. Le Monde Sans features a “traditional g” in addition to the usual 1994’s g. Le Monde Sans is offered in numerous weights — in roman, italic to meet all kinds of situations. It will help designers to select the best weights depending their needs, from glossy paper printing to high resolution screen.SuperfamilyThe design of Le Monde Sans continues the basic common structure found in the members of the Le Monde family: its proportions, a relatively narrow width, a fairly oblique axis, etc. The typographer can, at all times, switch between Sans & Journal or Courrier without any disruption in the composition. The verticals metrics and proportions of Le Monde Sans are calibrated to match perfectly others Typofonderie families. This family was designed in 1994 as bespoke typeface family for the French newspaper Le Monde. The family is not used any more by this newspaper from November 2005.Type Directors Club .44 1998European Design Awards 1998

  22. Le Monde Livre Std by Typofonderie 59.00 USD
    A text face in 4 stylesBefore the arrival of Phototypesetting, each font size had a specific design. Le Monde Livre, designed by Jean François Porchez, along with Le Monde Journal re-establishes this practice. When Le Monde Journal was developed specifically for use at small point sizes (below 10 points.) Le Monde Livre works beautifully for book typography, magazine settings. In comparison to the italics in Le Monde Journal, Le Monde Livre’s italics are of a totally different design, closer to the models of the Renaissance. The families match well together on the same page, Le Monde Journal for small sizes settings, Le Monde Livre for large settings. The verticals metrics and proportions of Le Monde Livre are calibrated to match perfectly others Typofonderie families.

  23. Le Monde Courrier Std by Typofonderie 59.00 USD
    A rounded slab in 4 stylesIn our age, since the arrival of microcomputing, the majority of professional letters have been composed in quality typefaces. Typewriters & the typestyles they used have become antiques. A letter set in Times or Helvetica & printed with a laser printer at 600 dpi or more are of such quality that one can no longer distinguish it with a document produced by offset printing. But letters composed in this way appear overly institutional when a bit of informality is needed. Le Monde Courrier, designed by Jean François Porchez, attempts to re-establish a style halfway between writing and printing.Informal neo-tech styleThis rounded slab serif returns the informal character of “typewritten” fonts to letters and suit well all bad conditions, from inkjet printed memos to webfonts use. With a unique typographic colour, it integrate itself with the rest of the Le Monde family with effective contrast. The verticals metrics and proportions of Le Monde Courrier are calibrated to match perfectly others Typofonderie families.Bukva:raz 2001Type Directors Club .44 1998European Design Awards 1998

  24. Franklin Hand Cond Shadow by Wiescher Design 39.50 USD
    Franklin Gothic Condensed Shadow Hand is another one of the Franklin-Hand series. This one is very usable when one wants to signalize CHEAP!!!!

  25. Le Monde Journal Std by Typofonderie 59.00 USD
    A highly legible typeface in 4 seriesLe Monde Journal by definition is intended for newspaper use & at small sizes. It’s an economical and workshorse typeface adapted to any extrem condition of uses. Even though it has the same colour as Times, it appears more open. The reading flow has been made more fluent & less abrupt. The glyphs counters are bigger, as if they were “alluminating the interior.” The form, characterized by its serifs, remains embedded in our visual memory. Intermediate weights like Book can be considered as a grade supplement of the Regular. Italics accompany Le Monde Journal. With a more delicate design & a distinctive rhythm, they remain noticeable when used with the romans. Its companion, Le Monde Sans can extend your typographic palette. For beautiful page layout, use it in conjunction with Le Monde Livre for titling sizes. The verticals metrics and proportions of Le Monde Journal are calibrated to match perfectly others Typofonderie families.This family was designed in 1994 as bespoke typeface family for the French newspaper Le Monde. The family is not used any more by this newspaper from November 2005.Bukva:raz 2001Type Directors Club .44 1998European Design Awards 1998

  26. MFC Haute Monde Monogram by Monogram Fonts Co. 19.95 USD
    The source of inspiration for Haute Monde Monogram is the 1934 "Book of American Types" by American Type Founders. Found in that specimen book was a wonderfully elegant traditional smallcap-Capital-smallcap monogram alphabet known as “Elite Monogram Initials”. This elegant typeface is now digitally remastered and updated for modern use with functionality beyond its original intentions.

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