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  1. Chino Tattoo by Otto Maurer, 13.00 USD
    Chino Tattoo is best for all Tattooartists and Tattoofans. You can use it to make Tattooflashs for your Tattoostudio. Chino Tattoo is a typical Tattoostyle Font. The Chinostyle comes from the Gangs of the USA (with latin roots). They often have Chist-Symbols.
  2. Tattoo - Unknown license
  3. Tattoo by T-26, 19.00 USD
    Tattoo was designed by Tony Klassen and published by T-26. Tattoo contains 1 style.
  4. Chicago by Mecanorma Collection, 45.00 USD
    Chicago was designed by F. Robert and published by Mecanorma Collection. Chicago contains 1 style.
  5. LHF Chicago Script by Letterhead Fonts, 46.00 USD
    This Charles Borges' script takes full advantage of the Open Type format with several automatic ligatures that occur as you type for a nicer fit. Plus, the manual stylistic alternates allow you to choose the letters you prefer.
  6. Tattooz - Unknown license
  7. Shinano by Hanoded, 15.00 USD
    Shinano is an old province of Japan. Kobayashi Issa (1763 - 1828), a famous Japanese Haiku poet and Buddhist priest, was born here. Together with Bashō he is my favourite Haiku poet. Shinano font was hand made using a Japanese brush pen. At first glance it may look like a messy script, but underneath its rough appearance beats a poetic heart.Comes with some alternates and ligatures and a whole lot of diacritics.
  8. Cripto Font by Intellecta Design, 18.90 USD
    The CriptoFont and CriptoFont Ornamental were to be used alone or together, providing a nice solution to the project, be it a book, an invitation, or many others. Cripto Font Ornamental has two kinds of ornaments, one used in the beginning of words or sentences (using the uppercase keys), and other to be used to close words or sentences (using the lowers case keys).
  9. Tattoo Sailor - Personal use only
  10. Designer's page on Abstract Fonts.
  11. Tattoo Girl by Otto Maurer, 29.00 USD
    Tattoo Girl was published by Otto Maurer. Tattoo Girl contains 6 styles and family package options.
  12. Angilla Tattoo by Mans Greback, 59.00 USD
    Angilla Tattoo was designed by Måns Grebäck and published by Mans Greback. Angilla Tattoo contains 2 styles and family package options.
  13. Starella Tattoo by Mans Greback, 59.00 USD
    Starella Tattoo is a professional typeface with flowing letter forms representing the merge between beauty and attitude.
  14. Sailors Tattoo by Otto Maurer, 15.00 USD
    Sailors Tattoo was designed by Otto Maurer and published by Otto Maurer. Sailors Tattoo contains 3 styles and family package options.
  15. Chika Tattoo by Otto Maurer, 13.00 USD
    This Font is the Sisterfont of Chinotattoo. The different is the thorn in every letter!Chika Tattoo is best for all Tattooartists and Tattoofans.You can use it to make Tattooflashs for your Tattoostudio. Chika Tattoo is a typical Tattoostyle Font. The Chinostyle comes from the Gangs of the USA (with latin roots) They often have Chist-Symbols.
  16. Brother Tattoo by Mans Greback, 59.00 USD
    Brother Tattoo was designed by Vicky Mardian and published by Mans Greback. Brother Tattoo contains 1 style.
  17. Tattoo Master by Vozzy, 5.00 USD
    Introducing a vintage look label font named "Tattoo Master". This family includes five styles - Regular, Texture, Shadow, Full and Aged. You can see samples on the posters. This font will be great on any retro design on poster, t-shirt, label, logo etc.
  18. Chicago Eskimo - Personal use only
  19. Chicago House_trial - Personal use only
  20. Chicago Moonshine by Roland Hüse Design, 15.00 USD
    CHICAGO MOONSHINE is an Art Deco serif All Caps display font.
  21. Chicago Doodles by Outside the Line, 19.00 USD
    Armchair travel to the Windy City with Chicago Doodles. 31 illustrations of buildings, skylines, transportation, food, Chicago landmarks, signs and a script word Chicago.
  22. Chicago Ornaments by HiH, 6.00 USD
    Chicago Ornaments is a collection of decorative cuts cast by the Chicago Type Foundry of Marder, Luse & Co. of 139-141 Monroe Street in Chicago, Illinois. This collection was shown in their 1890 Price List. According to William E. Loy, at least some of them were designed by William F. Capitain. Chicago was one of the innovative Midwest type foundries, introducing the American Point System. These designs represent the late Victorian period. After 1890, with the posters of Jules Cheret taking Paris by storm, Art Nouveau gradually began to displace Victorian style. In type design, both styles competed against each other until about the end of the century. Designers may want to consider using these ornaments when using Victorian style typefaces, like our Cruickshank, Edison and Freak - as well as faces by others such as Karnac, Kismet and Quaint Gothic. Included in the font are a set of Dormer-inspired caps, numerals and a few other glyphs - also from the Victorian period.
  23. Chico by Type-Ø-Tones, 49.00 USD
    Chico was by designed by Javier Mariscal and Josema Urós specifically for the final roll of credits in the animated film Chico y Rita.The goal was to design a typeface with a good readability but that conveyed a strong script character and, in some way, tuned to the style of line used throughout the film.Using a modular sans-serif as a template, Javier Mariscal reinterpreted the forms freely, while maintaining gridlike proportions.Chico can be useful for comic-book lettering, editorial work and display applications.
  24. TANTOR - Unknown license
  25. Matteo by Indian Type Foundry, 50.00 USD
    Matteo is a family of geometric sans serif fonts. Designer Diana Ovezea has given the family an Italian name so that users might call fast cars to mind when they see it. The family includes 14 styles; there are seven weights, ranging from Thin to Bold. Each of these includes a companion italic. Matteo’s italics have an extreme angle (15º), which is quite unusual for a sans serif design. These italics are oblique in form, with a single-storey ‘a’ in place of the upright’s double-storey ‘a’. Matteo is an excellent selection for use in editorial and corporate identity designs, as well as advertising or annual reports. The shapes of its letterforms, as well as their spacing, have been optimized to create a pleasant reading experience, even in longer texts. The most prominent feature of the typeface is its geometric construction, which is based on circles and ovals. Letterforms in all seven of the weights are based on the same skeleton, with the ‘O’ maintaining its circular proportions (this makes Matteo’s lighter weights feel wider than its heavier ones). Several of Matteo’s letterforms include sharp corners, e.g., the ‘A’, ‘N’, ‘M’, ‘V’, ‘W’, and ‘Z’, as well as in the numerals ‘2’, ‘3’, and ‘7’. The capital ‘T’, ‘E’, ‘F’, and ‘Z’ each feature slightly angled endings on their horizontal strokes. Three special characters are particularly noteworthy in terms of their design: ¶, ≠, and &. Each font includes four sets of numerals, as well as a full range of subscript and superscript figures for typesetting factions. The period, comma, colon, and semicolon have the same width in each of the family’s 14 fonts; this allows users to set tables more easily. The fonts are also ‘logo-ready’, with extensive kerning having been defined even between the lowercase and uppercase letters. This enables the easy typesetting of CamelCase terms, like ‘SonVender’, ‘eTones’, ‘MunYan’, etc., without any ugly gaps appearing between lowercase and uppercase letters.
  26. Latton by DYSA Studio, 17.00 USD
    Latton is stylistic script font. This another collection of script is perfect for your branding project, excellent for "Logotype". Latton have a smooth edges, so this font gives an authentic handcrafted feel style.Latton is perfect choice for people looking for clean, modern, minimalist, elegant, beauty design styles.Suitable for almost any graphic designs such as logo, branding materials, business cards, gift cards, t-shirt, cover, thumbnail, print, poster, photography, quotes .etc
  27. Mattoa by Bombastype, 35.00 USD
    Introduce Mattoa, a bold and sporty script. This font is very great for bold logotype . Comes with many swashes options that you can play with. Will works well for both modern and retro style. If you need a font for your display purposes, you defintely need to consider this font.
  28. NERMOLA Scripcy Font by Alit Design, 12.00 USD
    Introducing NERMOLA Scripcy Font from alitdesign.
  29. Conté Script Plus by Ingo, 76.00 USD
    Personal handwriting done in pencil.Conté Script is a computer font but has the extraordinary look of handwriting. The typeface is exceedingly lively, diversified and distinct thanks to more than 300 different ligatures, i.e. letter combinations. In addition to the letter combinations in Conté Script, there are also double letters and figures included (aa, ff, AA, MM, 22, 66…) as ligatures with stylistic alternates.Type set in Conté Script appears remarkably similar to a text actually handwritten with a pencil.The typical style of the pencil — crumbliness where pressure lessens and the deep darkness where the pressure of the graphite in it's fullest denseness smudges — is another earmark of Conté Script. The font appears to be written quickly, fleetingly, casually, as if not really to be taken seriously, and as if it would be written one minute and erased the next. Conté Script looks most ”authentic“ around the point size of 18 to 22.
  30. Agreable Modern Script Font by sizimon, 20.00 USD
    Hello thanks for visiting our font Agreable Script! Since the font made it on the scent of luxury.Suitable to create beautiful hand-made typography in an instant. It is free-flowing & bouncy curves.Agreable is perfect for logos, printed quotes, invitations, cards, product packaging, headers and whatever your imagination holds.Agreable Includes:Uppercase,lowercase,numeral,punctuation & SymbolMultilingual supportStylistic alternatesPUA Encoded CharactersFully accessible without additional design software.
  31. Sailors Tattoo Pro by Otto Maurer, 29.00 USD
    Sailors Tattoo Pro was published by Otto Maurer. Sailors Tattoo Pro contains 12 styles and family package options.
  32. Sailors Tattoo Special by Otto Maurer, 19.00 USD
    Sailors Tattoo Special was designed by Otto Maurer and published by Otto Maurer. Sailors Tattoo Special contains 2 styles and family package options.
  33. Tribal Tattoos III by Otto Maurer, 18.00 USD
    Tribal Tattoos comes from the German tattoo artist Otto Maurer.
  34. Old School Tattoo by m u r, 15.00 USD
    Old school sailor tattoo lettering.
  35. AZ Vintage Tattoo by Artist of Design, 20.00 USD
    AZ Vintage Tattoo was published by Artist of Design. AZ Vintage Tattoo contains 1 style.
  36. AZ Sailor Tattoo by Artist of Design, 20.00 USD
    AZ Sailor Tattoo was published by Artist of Design. AZ Sailor Tattoo contains 1 style.
  37. Designer's page on Abstract Fonts.
  38. EF CHIC.go by Elsner+Flake, 35.00 USD
    EF CHIC.go was designed by Jaquelin Lehmann and published by Elsner+Flake. EF CHIC.go contains 1 style.
  39. Cchicanos Personal Use - Personal use only
  40. Taboo by Canada Type, 29.95 USD
    Taboo is a versatile font family inspired by the magnificent geometric experiments made by Armenian lettering artist Fred Africkian during the late 1970s. Virtually unknown in the west, Africkian was one of the most talented eastern block artists. Though mainly a calligrapher working with traditional tools, he embraced geometry on multiple occasions for the sake of drawing simple modern Armenian and Cyrillic alphabets. Though he normally tried to maintain in his work a certain homage to Mesrop Mashtots (5th century Armenian monk who invented the Armenian alphabet), his late 1970s experiments made use of so many modern elements that the results were hailed as "real art mingled with science."
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