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  1. Orion MD by Alphabet Soup, 45.00 USD
    A font where "each word that's set approaches becoming its own logo" is how some have described this unique typeface.
  2. MD Pen by Margarita Dyakovich, 10.00 USD
    MD pen is a unique handwritten sans serif font family ( based on MD Grotesque) with a feel of elegance and with high readability. It’s versatile and can be used for a big variety of design projects. Perfect for any simple text. Each style includes Latin and Cyrillic character set.
  3. MD Grotesque by Margarita Dyakovich, 11.00 USD
    MD Grotesque is sans serif font family with a modern and minimalist feel with high readability. It’s extremely versatile and can be used for a big variety of design projects. Perfect for any simple text. It comes in 3 weights and its matching italics. Each style includes Latin and Cyrillic character set.
  4. Banknote 1948 by Ingo, 39.00 USD
    A very expanded sans serif font in capital letters inspired by the inscription on a bank noteOld bank notes tend to have a very typical typography. Usually they carry decorative and elaborately designed markings. For one thing, they must be practically impossible to forge and for another, they should make a respectable and legitimate impression. And in the days of copper and steel engravings, that meant nothing less than creating ornate, shaded or otherwise complicated scripts. Designing the appropriate script was literally in the hands of the engraver.That’s why I noticed this bank note from 1948. It is the first 20 mark bill in the then newly created currency ”Deutsche Mark.“ All other bank notes of the 1948 series show daintier forms of typography with an obvious tendency toward modern face. The 1949 series which followed shortly thereafter reveals the more complicated script as well. For whatever reason, only this 20 mark bill displays this extremely expanded sans serif variation of the otherwise Roman form applied. This peculiarity led me in the year 2010 to create a complete font from the single word ”Banknote.“Back to those days in the 40’s, the initial edition of DM bank notes was carried out by a special US-American printer who was under pressure of completing on time and whose engravers not only engraved but also designed. So that’s why the bank notes resemble dollars and don’t even look like European currency. That also explains some of the uniquely designed characters when looked at in detail. Especially the almost serif type form on the letters C, G, S and Z, but also L and T owe their look to the ”American touch.“The ingoFont Banknote 1948 comprises all characters of the Latin typeface according to ISO 8859 for all European languages including Turkish and Baltic languages.In order to maintain the character of the original, the ”creation“ of lower case letters was waived. This factor doesn’t contribute to legibility, but this kind of type is not intended for long texts anyway; rather, it unfolds its entire attraction when used as a display font, for example on posters.Banknote 1948 is also very suitable for distortion and other alien techniques, without too much harm being done to the characteristic forms.With Banknote 1948 ingoFonts discloses a font like scripts which were used in advertising of the 1940’s and 50’s and were popular around the world. But even today the use of this kind of font can be expedient, especially considering how Banknote 1948, for its time of origin, impresses with amazingly modern detail.
  5. Normale by Mans Greback, 59.00 USD
    Imperfect typewriting typeface.
  6. MD-Type Rounded by MD-Type, 25.00 USD
    MD-Type Rounded is a modern, stylish font family. The family consists of five fonts (Regular, Bold, Light, Block, Black) which are formed by all capital letters. The strong and accented letters were rounded on the corners and therefore softened.
  7. Norman by Resistenza, 45.00 USD
    Get to know Norman, elegant and fashion forward. This new condensed and high contrast serif font is based on expansion giving a sense of self confidence. The oblique ax was specially added to get a contemporary and innovative sense. Norman is young and idealist, he has a distinctive sense of style. A complete set of ligatures and stylistic alternates is included, this will help the designer to customize and give a special look to any layout. We recommend to use it for big title, magazine, editorial purposes and display. Norman Family contains 2 styles, Regular and Italic, both fonts have another version a bit heavier called Regular 2 and Italic 2.
  8. Norma by Linotype, 35.00 USD
    Norma was designed by Franko Luin and published by Linotype. Norma contains 10 styles and family package options.
  9. EnglishTowne-Normal - Unknown license
  10. Scrypticali Normal - Unknown license
  11. Kismet-Normal - 100% free
  12. Platonick-Normal - Unknown license
  13. WildWest-Normal - Unknown license
  14. FirstGrader-Normal - Unknown license
  15. Eklektic-Normal - Unknown license
  16. So Normal - Unknown license
  17. Nickerbocker-Normal - Unknown license
  18. Viking-Normal - Unknown license
  19. Slogan-Normal - Unknown license
  20. Heidelbe-Normal - Unknown license
  21. Present-Normal - Unknown license
  22. Juniper-Normal - Unknown license
  23. Flemish-Normal - Unknown license
  24. Houters-Normal - Unknown license
  25. Domino normal - Unknown license
  26. Slam Normal by Wiescher Design, 12.00 USD
    »SLAM« is my new, very sturdy but elegant slab-serif font family. I designed this font family with body copy in mind and gave it all the glyphs necessary for use with all latin writing languages. I also gave the fonts all kinds of different numerals as well as a complete set of small caps and overall extensive kerning. It comes in eight normal weights with corresponding oblique cuts and it comes in a rounded version and corresponding obliques as well. Enjoy this original font, it is a real work horse!
  27. CA Normal by Cape Arcona Type Foundry, 40.00 USD
    CA Normal is a typeface aiming for beauty without ostensible effects, merely relying on clarity and well balanced proportions. True beauty is not to be found in perfect geometry, so slight irregularities and inconsequences are spread throughout the typographic image. That’s perfection through imperfection.
  28. Fabrikat Normal by HVD Fonts, 40.00 USD
    Fabrikat Normal is a geometric typeface which is based on 20th century German engineers’ typefaces. It is optimised for small sizes and long texts, but due to its constructed architecture it also works in headlines or display use. You can combine Fabrikat Normal with the more straight and space saving Fabrikat Kompakt or the reduced to the max Fabrikat Mono.
  29. CloisterBlack BT - Unknown license
  30. AmericanText BT - Unknown license
  31. Arrus BT by Bitstream, 29.00 USD
    Arrus was designed at Bitstream by Richard Lipton and first released in 1991. Arrus is based on Lipton’s own hand-lettered calligraphic alphabets that draw their influence from classic inscriptional forms. Arrus has small cap and extension typographer sets available as well.
  32. Stuyvesant BT by Bitstream, 29.00 USD
    Based on an engravers’ pattern plate, this outline form deriving from an English roundhand was fitted to linecasting matrices by Intertype about 1940.
  33. Charter BT by Bitstream, 29.00 USD
    Bitstream Charter was designed in the mid-1980s by Matthew Carter. The typeface was designed with the limitations of low- and middle-resolution output devices in mind; hence the squared off serifs and lack of excessive diagonals and curves. The design, however, became an instant success on its own merits. It is an excellent everyday typeface for a wide variety of uses including books and technical manuals. Charter offers small cap, extension and alternate typographer sets that help to make it more versatile and functional.
  34. Chianti BT by Bitstream, 29.00 USD
    Chianti was designed at Bitstream by senior designer Dennis Pasternak in 1991 and initially released in 1995. The intent behind the design was to provide a humanist sanserif of high readability at a wide range of sizes and weights.
  35. Roundhand BT by Bitstream, 29.00 USD
    Roundhand BT was designed by Matthew Carter and published by Bitstream. Roundhand BT contains 3 styles and family package options.
  36. Maritime BT by Bitstream, 29.00 USD
    Maritime BT was published by Bitstream. Maritime BT contains 2 styles and family package options.
  37. Amerigo BT by Bitstream, 29.00 USD
    An original Bitstream typeface prepared by Gerard Unger to provide a typeface of tapered stroke that will work well at lower resolutions.
  38. Cooper BT by Bitstream, 29.00 USD
    Cooper Black, commissioned by Barnhart Brothers & Spindler, is the best known of Oswald Cooper’s typefaces. Bitstream has expanded the 1921 original into a complete series of round-edged text faces.
  39. Monterey BT by Bitstream, 29.00 USD
    Intertype’s reaction to ATF’s Murray Hill.
  40. Eroxion BT by Bitstream, 49.00 USD
    Eroxion was designed by Eduardo Manso in 1997. It is a good example of degenerative typographic design, borrowing from techniques first explored in the early 1990s by the designers at Letterror.
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