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  1. Castle On The Hill by Hanoded, $15.00
    When I started working on this font, I had the radio on. Ed Sheeran was singing his song ‘Castle On The Hill’ and when I looked at this new font of mine, I couldn’t help but notice it had a bit of a medieval look. So I named it Castle On The Hill. COTH is a very lively, messy handpainted serif. It was made with a Japanese brush pen. I actually had a different look in mind, but this is what came out of the pen and I quite liked its looks. It is especially useful for children’s book covers, apps and posters, but be my guest and use it as you like. All it needs is a designers’ touch, a nice tune and a sunset.
  2. Rabbit On The Moon by Hanoded, $10.00
    This font is ideal for cartoons, greeting cards and children's books, as it has a happy 'feel' to it.
  3. Written on His Hands - Personal use only
  4. Thai One On by Emboss, $24.95
  5. The Bad Vintage by Putracetol, $14.00
    The Bad Vintage - Vintage Script Font. In this font I try to combine vintage with luxury/aesthetics. So that this font can be used in various projects with retro/vintage and luxury themes. Such as logos, branding, posters, packaging, book covers, clothes/apparel, quotes, titles and others. This font come with clean and rough font version. Come with Opentype feature with a lot of alternates, its help you to make great lettering. This font is also support multi language. To access the alternate glyphs, you need a program that supports OpenType features such as Adobe Illustrator CS, Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Indesign, Corel Draw, Microsoft Office.
  6. And Then by Throndsen, $10.00
  7. Banks and Miles by K-Type, $20.00
    K-Type’s ‘Banks & Miles’ fonts are inspired by the geometric monoline lettering created for the British Post Office in 1970 by London design company Banks & Miles, a project initiated and supervised by partner John Miles, and which included ‘Double Line’ and ‘Single Line’ alphabets. The new digital typeface is a reworking and extension of both alphabets. Banks & Miles Double Line is provided in three weights – Light, Regular and Dark – variations achieved by adjusting the width of the inline. Banks & Miles Single Line develops the less used companion sans into a three weight family – Regular, Medium and Bold – each with an optically corrected oblique. Although the ‘Banks & Miles Double Line’ and ‘Banks & Miles Single Line’ fonts are based on the original Post Office letterforms, glyphs have been drawn from scratch and include numerous adjustments and impertinent alterations, such as narrowing the overly wide Z and shortening the leg of the K. Several disparities exist between the Post Office Double and Single Line styles, and K-Type has attempted to secure greater consistency between the two. For instance, a wide apex on the Double Line’s lowercase w is made pointed to match the uppercase W and the Single Line’s W/w. Also, the gently sloping hook of Single Line’s lowercase j is adopted for both families. The original Single Line’s R and k, which were incongruously simplified, are drawn in their more remarkable Double Line forms, and whilst the new Single Line fonts are modestly condensed where appropriate, rounded letters retain the essentially circular form of the Double Line. Many characters that were not part of the original project, such as @, ß, #, and currency symbols, have been designed afresh, and a full set of Latin Extended-A characters is included. The new fonts are a celebration of distinctive features like the delightful teardrop-shaped bowl of a,b,d,g,p and q, and a general level of elegance not always achieved by inline typefaces. The Post Office Double Line alphabet was used from the early 1970s, in different colours to denote the various parts of the Post Office business which included telecommunications, counter services and the Royal Mail. Even after the Post Office was split into separate businesses in the 1980s, Post Office Counters and Royal Mail continued use of the lettering, and a version can still be seen within the Royal Mail cruciform logo.
  8. Runes - Unknown license
  9. Rubbed - Unknown license
  10. RAN by URW Type Foundry, $35.99
    RAN Reformed Typeface for Beginners by Georg Salden - 
a headstrong and courageous approach to an improved handling of handwriting. Diverse and sometimes irreconcilable theories exist about how beginners are supposed to learn writing and reading. This has led to fierce discussions among experts already. We don’t want to pour more oil on the fire, but hope to create a new awareness for this topic, which is important to everyone of us. For beginners the combination of single characters (sounds) to whole words is essential during the acquirement of reading and writing. In this process they develop the skill to recall entire terms from memory. Therefore, after current practice, every word shall be written in a single stroke without lifting the pen in between. Georg Salden contradicts this postulate and warns, that coercively holding the pen down within a word can easily lead to exaggerated loop formations and a general meandering of the written text. The intellectual process in connecting single sounds to words while writing would happen anyway and the prohibition to lift the pen would often lead to tensions. 
To still support the necessary connections in general and to simplify the connecting, he teaches to write all round letters like a, e, g, o with inclusion of the connecting stroke, so that the spacing and combining with the next character arise by themselves. By settling the stroke at certain points and with a clear and logical writing method, a conscious and careful contact with the various strokes arises. All this automatically leads, together with a certain deceleration, to an increase of beauty and readability in the handwriting. 
The repeatedly discussed topic »connected or unconnected« appears to be solved in the most comfortable way as, depending on the particular character combination, both solutions are possible.
  11. Sun by LucasFonts, $49.00
    Sun is a family of compact typefaces closer to old industrial-style American newspaper headlines than to Luc(as)’s other designs. The fonts also work in text, and have been used for corporate identity and editorial projects for more than two decades now.
  12. Ron by Brainware Graphic, $12.00
    Ron is a vintage medium block typeface, a classic and bold display font with a cool vibe. Use it to add a smart feel to any design project.
  13. Oun by Ezzazebra, $15.00
    Inspired from Cambodia’s alphabet, Khmer. I tried to explore the visual of the original character in Latin characters. Inspired by 2 gothic fonts, Old London (for the modern/straight feel) and Berliner (for the dynamic between thin and bold line). The letters are made with pencil in a millimeter block book, then scanned into clean vector format. And the result can be use for Display or a Headline with traditional or ethnic theme, including film, game, event, etc.
  14. Brun by Eurotypo, $34.00
    The font family Brun includes two styles Regular & Clean. Brun is a casual, modern and hand brushed font. I've designed Brun carefully with the intention to preserve in its glyphs the original tell-tale dry brush imperfections and a bouncy baseline for a more personalized effect even more authentic. Brun Clean preserves the characteristics of a brush font without being dry brush stroke. As an exclusively Open Type release, with 575 glyphs and 35 ornaments, it has several special alternatives for all letters with lots of possibility an an infinity of combinations. There are plenty of options to allow you to create something unique and special: standard and discretionary ligatures, swashes and stylistics alternates for each letter, beginning and ending letters. These lovely fonts have already an extended character set to support Central and Eastern as well as Western European languages. This will help your creativity and make it easier to make the impressive and elegant typographic work. This font is a perfect choice for greeting cards, posters, labels, t-shirt design, logos, and more. Brun was made to make your project more beautiful and attractive! Have fun with it! To activate the optional glyphs you may click on buttons in any OpenType savvy program or manually choose the characters from Glyph Palette. Enjoy it!
  15. So Run Down - Unknown license
  16. Dont Walk Run - Unknown license
  17. So Run Down - Unknown license
  18. Running Board JNL by Jeff Levine, $29.00
    During the early years of the 20th Century, America's fascination with automobiles was just beginning. The cover for a 1916 piece of sheet music for the comedy song "On the Old Back Seat of the Henry Ford" had the title hand lettered by a round nib pen in an Art Nouveau style. This is now available digitally as Running Board JNL.
  19. Press Run JNL by Jeff Levine, $29.00
    Press Run JNL is a reinterpretation of the classic typeface Cheltenham Condensed taken from actual screen captures of vintage newspaper headlines.
  20. Running With Scissors by Comicraft, $19.00
    Your Mama told you not to do it, so you just KNOW this font will be good for you! In fact, you might say it’s a Cut Above the Rest. OUCH! Blade Runners: Be careful, you don’t want to retire a human by mistake... Remastered Running With Scissors contains: Two weights with hook-topped uppercase and hookless lowercase Activate "Discretionary Ligatures" to create perfectly futuristic sci-fi logos! support for 221 languages including Western & Central Europe and Vietnamese
  21. Fun And Games JNL by Jeff Levine, $29.00
    Fun and Games JNL was redrawn from the lettering found on the cover of a 1935 Speedball® Lettering Pen book.
  22. KG Dancing on the Rooftop - Personal use only
  23. KG Party on the Rooftop - Personal use only
  24. KR Back On The Farm - Unknown license
  25. For The One Hundreth Time - Unknown license
  26. KG Party On The Rooftop by Kimberly Geswein, $5.00
    In both chunky and tilted/3D versions, this font gives a dose of fun!
  27. PictiFont’s newest symbol set, intended to be used within any of the PictiFont™ typefaces, features a sampling of the seashore. From seashells to sailboats, surfboards to sunshine, here are the symbols you need to make all things summer a breeze! Sunscreen anyone?
  28. letters in the hands - Unknown license
  29. The Hands of Deaf - Personal use only
  30. Talk to the hand - Unknown license
  31. Nine One One BA by BA Graphics, $45.00
    A heavy serif grunge font with a western feel, great for that extreme look for today..
  32. WHEN THE GOES SUN . SCENE - Unknown license
  33. Bands & Artists - Unknown license
  34. Band Wagon by Hanoded, $15.00
    I don't know why exactly, but I felt the need to create a Western font. Band Wagon is a handcrafted cowboy font. It comes with curly slabs, spurs and ye olde outlaw spirit.
  35. Odisean One - Personal use only
  36. Flame on! - Personal use only
  37. Escobeta One - Personal use only
  38. Caminata One - Personal use only
  39. Zeroes One - Unknown license
  40. One-Eighty - Unknown license
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