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  1. Anglican - Unknown license
  2. Yold Anglican - Unknown license
  3. Angelicaps by Intellecta Design, $19.90
  4. Angelica by Deniart Systems, $15.00
    Let the angels adorn your documents. This series features a string of celtic style letters surrounded by angels - whether you need chapter headings or drop caps, these angels are sure to give your documents a celestial flair.
  5. Anglice by Letterhend, $14.00
    Anglice is a delicious handwritten font that will make your design more natural. You can use this font for making a quotes, menu, and many things. This font also support multi language with full of punctuation!
  6. Angelica Jealous by Jimtype Studio, $17.00
    Introducing Angelica Jealous is a monoline script font with a handwritten style an authentic and fashionable. This font is very special because it has a large selection of additional letters built in with a set of alternate uppercase and lowercase letters and the Angelica Jealous was built to match the handwriting style as closely as possible with the addition of 72 custom ligatures. This font looks very awesome for quotes, branding, logos & branding, weddings, watermark, web, crafting, social media, product design, advertisements, and much more.
  7. Angelica Rytes by Zamjump, $17.00
    Angelica Rytes is a handwritten font created with a romantic feel, it's perfect for creating signature logos and watermarks for photography studios or wedding invitations, quotes, fashion, and good for initial logo or brand signatures. Angelica Rytes includes a full set of beautiful handwritten upper and lower case letters, numbers, assorted punctuation marks and bindings. All lowercase letters include the final stroke, giving it a realistic handwriting style. You will get : Angelica Rytes TTF Angelica Rytes OTF Angelica Rytes WOFF In order to use the beautiful swashes, you need a program that supports OpenType features such as Adobe Illustrator CS, Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Indesign and Corel Draw.
  8. Angelica Angelina by Shape Studio, $10.00
    Angelica Angelina is a hand brush font created with brush and ink. Angelica Angelina This typeface is ideal for use in bold watercolor designs or handwritten styles, such as blog titles, posters, wedding elements, t-shirts, clothing, book covers, business cards, greeting cards, branding, cafe / restaurant signs. merchandise, etc. Contains the complete set: - Uppercase - Lowercase - alternative - fasteners - Punctuation - number - Multilingual support. How to access all alternative characters, using the Windows Character Map with Photoshop: - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Go9vacoYmBw How to access all alternative characters using Adobe Illustrator: - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XzwjMkbB-wQ Thank you!
  9. VTC Anglika - Unknown license
  10. Anglina Farmhouse by Letterara, $14.00
    A simple Anglina Farmhouse font looks unique and classy. Its beautiful charm makes it look absolutely stunning, easy to read, and, ultimately, incredibly versatile. This will add a fun and friendly touch to any of your projects. This font is PUA encoded which means you can access all the glyphs and sweeps easily.
  11. East Anglia - 100% free
  12. Angelica Personal Use - Personal use only
  13. VTC Anglika Bent - Unknown license
  14. Oh You Klid NF by Nick's Fonts, $10.00
    This “Anglican” style typeface is based on an 1880s release from St. Louis’ Central Type Foundry originally named Euclid. It’s amazingly versatile, easily at home in both formal and fun settings. All versions of this font include the Unicode 1250 Central European character set in addition to the standard Unicode 1252 Latin set.
  15. Vauxhall NF by Nick's Fonts, $10.00
    Get your groove on with this trippy little gem, based on a Fotostar face called Angelica. Not for the faint of heart. Both versions support the Latin 1252, Central European 1250, Turkish 1254 and Baltic 1257 codepages
  16. East Anglia is a distinctive font creation by Bill Roach, a designer who clearly has a nuanced understanding of typeface design and a keen eye for merging traditional influences with a contemporary f...
  17. The Anglican font, an exquisite typeface that captures the sophisticated essence of traditional Anglicanism, amalgamates the venerability of classical letterforms with the finesse of modern typograph...
  18. Shelley Script Cyrillic by Linotype, $67.99
    Matthew Carter designed the Shelley family 1972 for Mergenthaler Linotype to be used as a new script face for the photo typesetting machines. The basic idea was to create one script face that would offer dfferent elegant letterforms. Matthew designed Shelley in three different versions, Allegro which is in the style of Kuenstler Schreibschrift, Andante where the caps are less flowrish and wide and Volante where the letters have its most expressive and wide forms and the lowercase z in this font is in the french anglian double stacked form. All three versions can be easily mixed to give the text a more individual calligraphic look Besides Shelley Linotype Zapfino from Hermann Zapf shows similar basics, but in a totally different letterform. In Linotype Zapfino the individual lowercase letters from the four different versions have different letterforms which gives the text an even more individual touch.
  19. HWT Slab by Hamilton Wood Type Collection, $24.95
    These two extra bold fonts are classic slab serif wood type styles with one detail of difference. Columbian is an extra bold Clarendon wood type that was manufactured by many of the wood type manufacturers in the late 19th century. "Clarendons" feature bracketed or rounded serif joins whereas "Antique" was a class of typefaces that features squared off slab serifs. Some type designs have only minor differences from others. The Columbian design is essentially identical to Wm. Page & Co.'s "Antique no. 4", with the difference being the bracketed serifs. In researching material for the digitization of Columbian, we started with a 15 line font identified as "Columbian" shown in the Angelica Press wood type portfolio (printed in 1976). This font is in fact "Page Antique no. 4". Comparing Antique #4 to Columbian specimens from Hamilton and other manufacturers confirms the only real difference is the serif treatments. Therefore, both fonts are presented as a pair. Each font features a full Western & Central European character set.
  20. Thwaites by Eyad Al-Samman, $20.00
    ‘Thwaites’ typeface is fully dedicated to one of my best Canadian friends who I do cherish and value highly. This great and industrious Canadian friend is ‘James Douglas Thwaites’ who lives along with his good-natured family in British Columbia, Canada. For me, James is like a source of inspiration and I do consider him as an ideal in my life. Our strong friendship has started since 1999 and I hope that it will endure just to the last moment of my life. Sometimes I see him as the writer and poet that I learn a lot from, sometimes I see him as a devoted religious minister that I try to understand more about his teachings, and other times I see him as the educator that I strive to imitate verbatim in my life. When I want to talk more about this Canadian friend, I will not be able to give him his due in full. Thus, I will instead mention some excerpts of his biography that he wrote himself saying that: “James D. Thwaites is a self-accomplished man. Having worked in various fields including restaurant management and cleaning, he has achieved his goals of being a full-time teacher, past-time writer, and volunteer religious minister for the Christian Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses. His personal and academic pursuits have led him to be published in various magazines, newspapers, self-published books, and websites, including his now defunct ‘poetryofthemonth.com’ website. He continues to learn and augment the craft of writing while working primarily in early literacy and delayed literacy learners, teaching reading and literature to a wide age range of students. He views his religious endeavors as an extension of his academic ones. He teaches others both as a public speaker and in one-on-one situations, teaching about the benefits of submission to God and to His teachings. His future goals include expanding his ministry and continuing his writing.” The name ‘Thwaites’ itself comes from Great Britain and originated from the last Viking raids upon England, being an Anglicized version of a Scandinavian term meaning—depending on the source material—either "a place that is difficult to approach" or "a small thicket of trees." Another recitation mentions that ‘Thwaites’ can be described also as an English surname but one of pre 7th century Norse-Viking origins. It may be either topographical or locational, and is derived from the word "thveit", meaning a clearing or farm. As a locational surname it originates from any one of the various places called "Thwaite", found in several parts of Northern England and East Anglia to the south. The various modern spelling forms include Thwaite, Thwaites, Thwaytes, Thoytes, Twaite, Twatt, Twaites, Tweats and Twite. The name, although often appearing unique to outsiders, can often be found within other famous names like Braithwaite, Goldthwaites, or Misslethwaites. With various spellings, some families not including the ‘e’ or the ‘s’ at the end, Thwaites and its derivations—although not exceedingly common—is a name found worldwide. ‘Thwaites’ typeface is simply a sans-serif streamlined, stylish, and versatile font. It is designed using a combination of thick and thin strokes for its +585 characters. Its character set supports nearly most of the Central, Eastern, and Western European languages using Latin scripts including the Irish language. The typeface is appropriate for any type of typographic and graphic designs in web, print, and other media. It is also absolutely preferable to be used in the wide fields related to publication, press, services, and production industries. It can create a very impressive impact when used in headlines, posters, titles, products’ surfaces, logos, medical packages, product and corporate branding, and also signage. It has also both of lining and old-style numerals which makes it more suitable for any printing or designing purposes. ‘Thwaites’ typeface is really the cannot-miss choice for anyone who wants to possess unique artistic and modern designs produced using this streamlined typeface.
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