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  1. Faux Sanskrit by Page Studio Graphics 24.00 USD
    This simulated font is based on the characteristic Hindi calligraphy and includes upper and lower case alphabets, numerals, and a collection of Indian symbols and border components.

  2. Single Binghod by Liartgraphic 14.00 USD
    The latest font from liartgraphic studio. With the name single binghod which means single (one) in English and binghod means (damaging) in Hindi. Our fonts are multilingual, and our alternate glyphs are suitable for creating handwritten logos and posters.

  3. Burlesk by Kustomtype 25.00 USD
    Burlesk is a modern font family that originated from a Bollywood Hindi movie poster from the 1950's. Using 9 letters, a complete alphabet was made comprising of 360 characters. Everything is hand drawn and digitized afterwards. The Burlesk font family meets all the modern requirements that apply in the graphics sector.

  4. Neue Frutiger Devanagari by Linotype 99.00 USD
    Neue Frutiger Devanagari was created by Mahendra Patel and Kimya Gandhi and a team of designers and font engineers from the Monotype Studio, under the direction of Monotype type director Akira Kobayashi. The family is available in 5 weights from Light to Extra Black, with matching italics to support the Devanagari script and languages such as Hindi.

  5. ITF Devanagari by Indian Type Foundry 120.00 USD
    ITF Devanagari is high contrast typeface in classical proportions suitable for setting books, magazines, and strict demands of the newspaper printing. The family consists of five weights and has been optimized for superb legibility at small sizes. Each style contains 847 glyphs including all the necessary conjuncts and ligatures used to write Hindi, Marathi and Nepali languages.

  6. Linotype Devanagari by Monotype 99.00 USD
    The new Linotype® Devanagari typeface is a traditional text face now available in five weights (from Light to Black) and suitable for a wide variety of print and digital uses. A compact design, Linotype Devanagari also provides economy of space where textual real estate is at a premium. In addition, its large character set enables the setting of Hindi, Marathi, Nepali and is suitable for Sanskrit passages. The design’s open counters ensure high levels of legibility at small sizes and at modest resolution.

  7. Vyoma by Indian Type Foundry 39.00 USD
    Joana Correia’s Vyoma is a friendly-looking typeface and an outstanding humanistic sans. Its letterforms appear both playful and nice. Several letters feature curved out-strokes: these are unusual for a sans serif design, but they definitely add personality. The counterforms in this design are very open, and they help create words that are highly legible and a joy to read. Try out Vyoma in a wide variety of applications, including corporate identity, signage, and text (onscreen and in print). In Hindi, “vyoma” is a word for the sky.

  8. Prachar by Indian Type Foundry 50.00 USD
    The word ‘Prachar’ means publicity in Hindi. This informal-looking all-caps, slanted script face is exactly the kind of font you could use to create shop or grocery store signs that need to look hand-painted. Each letter in the font has visible stroke contrast and rough edges. Prachar was designed by Black Foundry in Paris/France, and includes a character set large enough to be able to set all European languages written with the Latin script. The typeface’s feeling is really quite dynamic; this is not due to its slant alone, but also to its letterforms’ underlying construction, which really looks like it could have come out of a sign painter’s brush. Although Prachar is an all-caps font, several of the ‘caps’ saved onto the font’s lowercase glyphs feature different forms of the letters than you’ll find on the uppercase keys. Not only do many of Prachar’s letters have rough edges, but they also look ‘roughed’ up. Especially in the ‘B’, ‘C’, ‘M’, and ‘Q’, part of the background will shine through the letterform (this is true both for print and in on-screen use). Prachar’s letters should be set as large as possible.

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