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  1. Title by Indian Type Foundry 39.00 USD
    Title is a typeface family for film titles and credits sequences. Its design is narrow and utilitarian. The compressed letterforms are made up of almost monolinear strokes – only some characters have only visible contrast. Each font features a particularly unique capital ‘J’ that doesn’t descend; its out-stroke mirrors the terminals on ‘C’, ‘G’, ‘S’, ‘2’, ‘3’, ‘5’, ‘6’, and ‘9’. Title’s design also includes two forms of the lowercase ‘g’, and the fonts’ euro and yen currency symbols have a gap in the center of their main strokes.

  2. Waters Titling by Adobe 35.00 USD
    In 1997, renowned lettering artist Julian Waters embodied his classical calligraphic roman capitals in a graceful typeface, aptly named Waters Titling. In 2001, the original design was enhanced and unified in the new OpenType format.

  3. Felix Titling by Monotype 35.00 USD
    An all-caps titling font designed by the Monotype Drawing Office in 1934, based on an alphabet designed by Veronese calligrapher Felice Feliciano in 1463.

  4. Weiss Titling by URW Type Foundry 35.00 USD
    Weiss Titling was published by URW Type Foundry. Weiss Titling contains 1 style.

  5. Astoria Titling by Nick's Fonts 10.00 USD
    Somewhat of a mongrel, this font combines uppercase letters from an “oriental” font designed by Paul Carlyle and Guy Oring in 1938, and lowercase letters based on yet another variant of Joan Truchut-Blanchard’s Super Veloz system. As its name implies, it’s quite suitable for titles of all kinds.

  6. Bembo Titling by Monotype 126.00 USD
    Bembo Titling was published by Monotype. Bembo Titling contains 2 styles and family package options.

  7. Victoria Titling by Monotype 35.00 USD
    Victoria Titling was published by Monotype. Victoria Titling contains 1 style.

  8. Forum Titling by Red Rooster Collection 45.00 USD
    An original design based on the Frederick Goudy design first shown in 1912. Originally a caps only design in one weight. Produced as a foundry face by Lanston Monotype 1924.

  9. Boncaire Titling by insigne 22.00 USD
    Inspired by the type elements of 17th century Dutch mapmaking, Boncaire Titling provides you with a historic yet adventurous look for your library. This addition from insigne™ found its muse in a map of Curacao by Dutch cartographer Gerard Van Keulen, a member of the prosperous Van Keulen family from Amsterdam, who were engaged in the manufacture of maps for seafaring.

  10. Columbia Titling by Typetanic Fonts 24.00 USD
    Columbia Titling is a titling-caps display family based on wide Clarendon-style wood type and industrial signage design from the late-19th and early-20th Century.

  11. Abdo Title by Abdo Fonts 49.50 USD
    Abdo Title is a simple Naskh font for newspaper and magazines discriminate accurately design and clarity of reading.Abdo Title is compatible with the various operation systems and modern software.

  12. Gineso Titling by insigne 5.00 USD
    Before the Great War, there were great posters. Posters of elegance and grandeur. Posters calling people to the pleasures of sunny southern France and to the perfections of northern Italy’s dolce vita.

  13. Celari Titling by insigne 24.00 USD
    Need for speed? Satisfy it with insigne’s Celari. Take it for a drive and watch how its simple curves, easy lines, and sturdy shapes handle the edges and corners of your projects with smooth and rapid execution. The negative space cuts through the rounded sans serif letterforms of Celari, giving this all-caps typeface a strong impression of dimension and speed. Celari’s organic stroke direction allows you to ease through its gentle turns, too, causing the font to hum around the lines of your project like a V8 engine on an open Nevada highway.

  14. Breve Title by DSType 50.00 USD
    Breve was designed for use in editorial projects. Simple but with enough personality to stand by is own, in a quest for a more forceful and contemporary appearance. All the fonts in Breve superfamily, share the same exact structure, both in terms of anatomy and functionality. The Text versions provide a softer and warm feel to the typographic palette and is intended for use in much longer passages of text, while the Title versions are distinguished by non-descending letterforms, making the titles and headlines much more uniform and interesting. The News version is more classic, with ball terminals and classic proportions, while the Display is, somehow, the set of fonts we had to design: extra-black, ultra-contrasted, proud-display fonts.

  15. BOXDON Titling by TYDTYP 15.00 USD
    BOXDON is an extra heavy expanded typeface which was especially designed for VERTICAL layout. Each shape looks like a box and has minimum graphical treatment to distinguish each character. It means that the counter space is not enough to use this typeface for small font sizes, however, for titles this typeface should give incredible effects.I highly recommend using it with software that is compatible with vertical layout. (e.g. Adobe illustrator)

  16. Averes Title by Reserves 49.00 USD
    Averes Title is a sharp geometric sans titling typeface available in three weights. It features an array of stylistic discretionary ligatures with corresponding accented variants supporting numerous languages.

  17. Abril Titling by TypeTogether 35.00 USD
    Abril is an extension of the Abril typographic system that was engineered as a response to a very specific requirement from the editorial design community: a low contrast typeface for head- lines. Given its broad range of styles though, Abril deserves to be considered a separate font family on its own.

  18. Rococo Titling by Three Islands Press 15.00 USD
    Rococo Titling is a set of ornate titling caps based on work done by Jacques-Francois Rosart (1714-1777) and Pierre Simon Fournier (1712-1768) during the middle decades of the 18th century.

  19. Stevens Titling by Linotype 65.00 USD
    Stevens Titling refers to the classic Roman alphabet as it appears on the Trajan column and numerous other monuments. With its realistic brush strokes, it shows the letterforms as they might have been sketched on the marble before the stonecutter reached for his hammer and chisel.

  20. Nvma Titling by Stone Type Foundry 49.00 USD
    Nvma is based on Roman letterforms which appeared during the period from the earliest extant examples in the sixth or seventh century BC until the end of the third century BC. For Nvma the J, U and W had to be fantasies as they did not exist until much later, similar to the G, numerals and other non-alphabetic signs in the font. Thus not all of the archaic forms are represented in Nvma. Nvma was designed to work with Magma, as it matches the weights and heights for Magma Thin and Magma Titling Thin.

  21. Havelock Titling by XO Type Co 40.00 USD
    Havelock Titling builds upon the essential geometry of Havelock, adding new weights for spacious, authoritative text. Made to combine with Havelock’s display capabilities for more traditional reading scenarios. Built on the same weight range as Rocinante Titling, which broadens your design options. Light matches Light, Bold matches Bold, and so on.

  22. Winslow Title by Kimmy Design 10.00 USD
    Winslow Title is a high contrast modern type family comes in two styles and a monolinear script family. The traditional proportions of Winslow Title are historical in nature and follow the design and style of Winslow Book as a high contrast variant. The Winslow Title Mod family is a contemporary take on the style, with tapering terminals and less pronounced finials. Each family includes both styles, to be accessed through the opentype panel as a stylistic alternate. If preferable, you can purchase the entire family collection to have easier access to both styles, but it's not necessary.The typeface family comprises of roman and italic styles in six weights from Thin to Black and two widths in the roman style: Regular and Narrow. The accompanying script family has a single weight but offers five tracking widths, from Narrow to Wide. The bundle is an elegant combination of styles perfect for titling and display design. The serif typeface is packed with features that make ideal titling styles. Not only do they include the Stylistic Alternates, but also Titling Alternates, Discretionary Ligatures, Small Capitals, Swashes and Contextual Ligatures. As noted previously, the typeface comes in two styles, Traditional and Modern. Each can be accessed either by the Stylistic Alternates or Stylistic Sets. Titling Alternates are alternates that expand the ball terminals to K, R, V, W, and Y (see Titling Alternates slide).Contextual Ligatures are for capital combinations with A that tighten the gap created by the extended serifs. It connects characters with a pairing serif (the lower right serif of the M with the lower right serif of the A) and bridges them together. This combination works for single and multiple A combinations. It is turned on automatically in the Opentype panel and shouldn’t need to be accessed individually. Alternatively, the Discretionary Ligatures feature combines diagonal or baseline stems with lifted small capitals, creating a unique combination of characters. Swashes is an extensive feature that offers up to five swash options per many of each character. These can be selected via the Glyphs panel or as character alternates in Adobe programs. The Script family has a feature set of it’s own, with initial and final swashes on lowercase letters, middle swashes for select characters, and a titling feature that joins words together by replacing the space with a line. Stylistic alternates create a bouncing baseline on connecting strokes.*Note: there is no great need to purchase both families as all styles can be accessed via Opentype features, but if customers prefer to purchase both styles, it can be done by selecting the Complete Typeface Family collection. 

  23. Goudy Titling by Matteson Typographics 19.95 USD
    Goudy Titling was designed by Steve Matteson. It is based on the 2" wood engravings Frederic Goudy made for his book ‘The Trajan Capitals’ - a seminal book about the history of the Roman letter. These letterforms predate the work of Father Catich’s exhaustive study of the Trajan Column and, while remarkably faithful to the inscription, have Goudy’s interpretive fingerprints.

  24. Rocinante Titling by XO Type Co 40.00 USD
    Rocinante Titling is a study in interior and exterior tension, with tightly-packed interiors and unexpected lightwells contrasting generous letterspacing.

  25. Grafton Titling by Tetradtype 35.00 USD
    Grafton Titling was designed for dramatic impact. It contemporizes old style proportions, bracketed serifs and a left-leaning stress angle with striking contrast and modern angular joins. The solid style has a timeless feel, while a flared through-line variation provides textural interest. Small caps, a complement of OpenType features, and support for diacritics and accented characters make it a robust and distinctive choice for headlines that demand attention.

  26. Erler Titling by RMU 30.00 USD
    Herbert Thannhaeuser’s 1953 titling font Erler-Versalien which was distributed by Typoart in hot-metal times, was carefully redrawn and redesigned. To preserve its handwritten character, irregularities in the letters’ strokes were left as they are.

  27. Sabler Titling by insigne 25.00 USD
    Make the right statement with the elegant Sabler Titling. This showstopping font features an inherent grace combined with the classic style of the Art Deco period. The subtle beauty of its letters is highlighted by the typeface’s stems, which taper towards the baseline highlight--a feature that adds clear distinction to your design.

  28. Creepy Crawly by Comicraft 19.00 USD
    There are worms in the earth, hairy bugs under the bed and strange bloodshot eyeballs peering at you from out of the closet.

  29. Urban Scrawl by Typadelic 19.00 USD
    Urban Scrawl is another typeface that comes boxed or not and looks like it was written as the ink was running out of a very fine scratchy pen. Fun and totally original!

  30. Scrawl Cursive by Scrowleyfonts 45.00 USD
    Scrawl Cursive pushes the boundaries of OpenType contextual alternates to present a font which emulates natural, modern, casual handwriting. It includes 2006 glyphs, many of these lower case alternates so that there are minimal compromises when it comes to forming and joining letters naturally. Another unusual feature is that many capital letters also join when preceding lower case letters, which creates a much more realistic flow than is normally achieved. Please view with the contextual alternates option turned on.

  31. Titus by URW Type Foundry 35.00 USD
    Titus was published by URW Type Foundry. Titus contains 1 style.

  32. Titillation by Suomi 30.00 USD
    A font to titillate your senses.

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