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  1. Fresh Paint by Graffiti Fonts, 29.99 USD
    Super fresh paintbrush style lettering with a definite graffiti slant. Reverse italic and highly detailed these hand-made letters, splats, swipes, numbers and symbols give an energetic human feel to your custom text. This font is an all-caps style with no real lowercase letters however the single font actually contains 3 full alphabets (78 individual letters) so you can mix and match to create endless unique letter combinations.
  2. fresh - Personal use only
  3. Fresh by Australian Type Foundry, 25.00 USD
    Fresh was published by Australian Type Foundry. Fresh contains 1 style.
  4. Paint by Turtle Arts, 20.00 USD
    Paint is based on hand painted lettering.
  5. Freshy by Katatrad, 19.00 USD
    Freshy is friendly, artistic typeface that is clean enough to use for longer text. It is a complete family with 6 weights and there italic. It has an amazing character set and some of ornaments for your design. Freshy is perfect to use in any friendly situation such as a lovely packaging, restaurant menu, children's book and etc.
  6. Fresh Lychee - Personal use only
  7. Fresh Press by Fenotype, 15.00 USD
    Fresh Press is a pack of handmade goodness - a visual delight in the form of a beautiful and strong script family.
  8. Fish Fresh by Gerald Gallo, 20.00 USD
    Fish Fresh contains 83 freshwater fish silhouette designs.
  9. Fresh Cocktails by Sronstudio, 12.00 USD
    Fresh Cocktails is a handwritten font, this font Is perfect for lproduct packaging, product designs, label, photography, watermark, special events or anything.Fresh Cocktails comes with uppercase and lowercase letters, multilingual symbols, numerals, punctuation.If you have any questions please don't hesitate to drop me a message :)Thank You, Sronstudio
  10. Fresh Squeezed by LetterBalm, 13.99 USD
    A Splashy font inspired by all things liquid and wet, the goal was to create a fun and realistic representation of water in the form of a letter. Water parks, Juice bars, your backyard pool party or your box of fresh squeezed orange juice, any time you need a good splash.
  11. Fresh Pineapple by Zeenesia Studio, 12.00 USD
    Fresh Pineapple, Delicious handwritten font. It is a beautiful quirky font that perfect for a lettering projectlike t-shirt design, mugs, advertisements, cutting vinyl, silhouettes, book covers, posters, business cards, social media and more. It supports multiple languages and offers PUA encoding. The doodles make this font so perfect.Hope you love it
  12. Fresh Script by TRF, 15.00 USD
    Fresh Script is a handwritten calligraphy font, free flowing, casual and with an elegant touch. This modern style font is perfect to be applied in various formal forms such as invitations, labels, restaurant menus, logos, fashion, make up, stationery, novels, magazines, books, greeting / wedding cards, packaging, labels or any type of advertising purpose.
  13. Fresh Hansler by Struggle Studio, 1.00 USD
    Fresh Hansler contains a script style, a capitals style as well as a set of extras. They are made with brushes and so they look modern, organic, dynamic, and energetic. This family can be used for various purposes such as titles, signatures, logos, correspondence, wedding invitations, letterhead, signage, labels, bulletins, posters, badges, and more.
  14. Hello Fresh by Resistenza, 29.00 USD
    Fresh is best! Say hello to this playful and bouncing font designed by Resistenza. This all-caps have been specially created to add a lively mood to your graphics. You’ll be able to create catchy quotes combining these all-caps fonts or you can use them individually. Including 2 sets of letters on each font (uppercase & lowercase), so you can choose an alternate for each glyph just using your keyboard or the opentype glyphs panel on Indesign, illustrator and other apps with opentype features. Have fun with this friendly font family and give a whimsical touch to your projects. Perfect to create headlines, posters, DIY hand-lettered artwork, books, holiday cards, wrapping paper, invitations, T-shirts, labels, packaging, fashion supplies, food products, artisanal goods, and an endless array of options.
  15. Fresh Orange by Lettersams, 8.00 USD
    Fresh Orange is a type of font that presents a unique style for every design project such as cartoons, comics, poster designs, and so on.Fresh Orange has two styles: regular and extrude, which will create a great layered look when combined.
  16. Fresh Milk by Omotu, 16.00 USD
    Fresh Milk! A handbrush font with all uppercase glyphs, regular and slant. Fresh Milk font is suitable for branding, logotype, apparel, T-shirt, Hoodie, product packaging, quotes, flyer, poster, advertising, etc.Whats Include?1. Uppercase characters 2. Multilingual support.3. Numerals, punctuations, and alternates4. Accessible in the Adobe Illustrator Glyphs panel, or under Stylistic Alternates in the Adobe Photoshop OpenType menu, Adobe InDesign, Corel Draw, even work on Microsoft Word. Please message me if you're unsure of any language support.Thanks for looking, and I hope you enjoy it! Please don't hesitate to drop me a message if you have any issues or queries.Omotu Studio
  17. Fresh Mood by Fran Studio, 20.00 USD
    Fresh Mood is a hand-brushed modern calligraphy script font, created with both pen & brush. It includes a dancing baseline with separate swashes that can be applied to the beginning and ends of all lowercase. Fresh Mood includes several ligatures, alternates and international support for most western languages.
  18. Story Fresh by Artisan Studio, 10.00 USD
    Story Fresh is a family script font, with 5 styles: brush, bold, medium, normal and light.
  19. Pointed - Unknown license
  20. Pointe by Wilton Foundry, 29.00 USD
    It is the point that creates the expression from the writer via the pen unto the paper. The artist guides the point in unique ways to not only communicate, but also to make the resulting expression unique. The point can take the form of a quill or a marker or a pencil or chalk or a fountain pen or a chisel or a brush.
  21. Taint by Suomi, 25.00 USD
    Taint is a modular squarish font with round corners for headlines and shorter strings of text.
  22. Point by Ndiscover, 29.00 USD
    Point™ aims to be an epitome of the Geometric Style. Inspired by intemporal classics such as Futura, Avant Garde or Avenir, passing through more contemporary approaches of the same style; ignited by the overarching narrative of the Modernity (Perfect Geometric Shapes) and careful design decisions, Point™ is a font that references the past as well as projects itself to the contemporaneity.
With a total of 10 weights, with respective hand adjusted obliques, Point™ has a total of 20 styles with Extended Latin support as well as Cyrillic, all with the most needed Opentype features, such as fractions, tabular and oldstyle figures, alternates, case sensitive forms, etc.
  23. Paint Boy - Unknown license
  24. Wet Paint - Unknown license
  25. Paint Peel - Unknown license
  26. KR Paint - Unknown license
  27. Rock Painting by Morganismi, 15.00 USD
    Rock Painting is based on ancient Northern rock paintings and I edited the glyphs to resemble latin letters, runelike. So it's quite writable and the characters can also be used separately in bigger shape. Some of the glyphs are idols of old Finnish gods and spirits:
  28. Lead Paint by Fonthead Design, 19.00 USD
    Lead Paint is a font designed by Ethan Dunham that is very rough and grungy looking.
  29. Clarendon Paint by Open Window, 19.95 USD
    Clarendon Paint offers a gritty twist on a classic font style (Clarendon). It was completely hand painted which makes the font an organic centerpiece to any of your grungy design applications.
  30. Teebrush Paint by Linotype, 35.00 USD
    Teebrush Paint was designed by Tomi Haaparanta and published by Linotype. Teebrush Paint contains 1 style.
  31. Paint Cans by Graffiti Fonts, 19.99 USD
    Paint Cans was designed by Matthew Napolitano and published by Graffiti Fonts. Paint Cans contains 1 style.
  32. Core Paint by S-Core, 20.00 USD
    Core Paint is a texture type family inspired by the action painting created by Jackson Pollock. There are two sub-families named A and B. Core Paint A is a texture font family that has to be used together with others. Core Paint B is a textured font family that can be used solely or together with A family. By layering these different texture styles, you can create various combinations of textures. According to color variations, also you can create more complex textured typefaces and unique artworks.
  33. Paint Hand by Letters&Numbers, 18.00 USD
    Paint Hand is based on type drawn with an open acrylic paint tube. This bold vernacular typeface with rugged rounded edges will work well for headers and captions.
  34. Poster Paint by Canada Type, 24.95 USD
    Poster Paint is a fun shocard alphabet which came about from Jim Rimmer’s admiration of Goudy Stout, a design he liked in spite of the fact that Goudy himself claimed to detest it.
  35. Honey Painting by Zefrar, 19.00 USD
    Honey Painting is a font inspired from both Honey and Painting, same imagination if a user do painting with Honey, this font now is giving this option.
  36. Fresh Bionik SE - Personal use only
  37. Mo' Funky Fresh by ITC, 35.00 USD
    Mo' Funky Fresh was designed by David Sagorski and published by ITC. Mo' Funky Fresh contains 2 styles and family package options.
  38. Linotype Fresh Ewka by Linotype, 35.00 USD
    Linotype Fresh Ewka is part of the Take Type Library, chosen from the contestants of Linotype’s International Digital Type Design Contests of 1994 and 1997. This fun font was designed by Polish artist Dariusz Nowak-Nova and each letter seems to be a work in itself. The fine hair lines are decorated with tiny squares and look like wires with nodes while the thicker strokes have indefinite contours and seem to have been made with a thick brush. Linotype Fresh Ewka is suitable for headlines in large point sizes.
  39. Kreme De Fresh by PizzaDude.dk, 20.00 USD
    Kreme de Fresh is most likely the lacking ingredient for your next project!
  40. Fresh Meat BB by Blambot, 20.00 USD
    A brain-chomping comic book dialogue font for all your monsters and creepy-crawlies. Comes with regular, italic and bold, with European characters and opentype autoligs!
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