Hi, I am trying to take an unpublished manuscript that I have rights to and print out pages to be bound (the book will be a gift). A lovely local printer gave me instructions to format w/ 1 1/8" margins and use Helvetica narrow and he will send the pages off to be bound as a proper book. However I am on a Mac and it doesn't offer Helvetica narrow. As the purpose of the narrow was to keep the work legible while keeping the number of pages the same / manageable for binding (it's in 12 point TNR now) I am wondering if Helvetica CV, which I do have on my Mac, would work. Any other suggestions would be most welcome. Thanks in advance to the experts who donate their time to help the totally inexperienced, e.g. me.

I can't trace the Helvetica CV so I can't tell. But here is an example of the Helvetica Narrow (Linotype) at 36 point 96dpi screen resolution.

I suggest you do the same with the Helvetica CV you have and see if there are any differences.

Thanks for your reply. I cannot copy/paste your text and when I try pasting the Helvetica CV here it reformats!

I'm afraid I'm a total novice when it comes to knowing more than serif versus sans serif. (Though I read enough of the board to know I'd better steer clear of the evil Comic Sans ;-) I'm not sure what your "Linotype" reference means.

It does seem to me that your sample is narrower, however.

Thanks again.

(I just watched the You Tube video of delighted Big Cats with pumpkins, which I adored. Hope that counts.)

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