Font Identification Request: Not resolved

I am sorry but I need some help on this logo ASAP....I found out that this order needs to go out yet today and I am about to loose my mind...30 minutes and it is SO tiny...yeah right! HELP!!!

Fonts that are missing from this logo that I know of is Daniela and you know where I can find these, maybe free or very similar???


The script is also called TG Script and you can find it here as:

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! : ) I really appreciate your help!!!!!

TG Script. Aha. Not far away from El Greco. Thanks for pointing that one out. Main difference at a glance: the u/c A.

Thanks guys! I found that the commas and the 'f's are a bit different as well, not so much on the El Greco, but on the TG Script...the main reason that I couldn't find them is because they are Mac fonts...or at least that is what he sent me and according to my post about .suit...

Swallow - I took "maybe free or very similar??? " literally


Have you heard about Ollie yet? Oh yes, and there are new photos!!! He is already getting bigger...

Thanks, Jackie, I know. And I always appreciate ayour sightings.

Where are the news about Ollie? And the new photos? My wife fell in love with the first pics immediately ;^D

Who is Ollie?

Please meet Jackies new happiness, Ollie. The former dog-friend of her, Bogie, was killed by an UPS-Truck earlier this year …

Here is Ollie with his very first Milkbone - it took him 1/2 to figure out how to eat it. Now he is pro - less than 20 seconds....

And he is losing most of his aprilcot coloring.... already.... boo hoo

Nice to meet you Ollie ... if ever you are in the neighborhood ... drop by


Bello cagnetto :)))

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