Can anyone recommend an illuminated capitals font that will also give iliminated capitals style numbers?


I'm afraid I don't understand the question.

oh rihght sorry. Illuminated capitals are where the capital is decorated in the style of a medieval manuscript. i need something that does that to numbers


Initials, I understand.

Numbers in initials are a bit of a rarity. I found one so far, the Holzschnitt-Initialen. Probably not as decorative as you are after but that's all for now.

Found 2 more but also not Frakturs. But then I don't do Frakturs anyway. These are not free: the Ornate Initials and the Ayre Royal.

Hope this helps but doubt it.

Emma --

Are you famliar with Lord Kyl?

It is a site devoted to Historical fonts. You may find more of what you want by checking that site out.

See what I mean? No numbers.

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