Hi everybody...

I recently had a dying hard drive.. My husband was a sweetie who backed up my PC for me, and changed to a different hard drive.

He forgot to back up my fonts. :(

For the last 2 weeks, I've been seeking out my missing fonts as best as I can, But I cannot for the life of me find "KarinaBlack" -- I fount an Italic version on one website, but according to my PSP, it was not the correct font.

I remember having trouble finding this one one time before... Can anyone help me? :)

According to my Paint Shop Pro, it's the font used for the word "Politics" here... sorry I don't have a better sample.. this was editted a good bit for legibility.


Your lost KarinaBlack is the Eurotype clone of the Korinna Heavy.


Not entirely fair to call it is clone because I think Eurotype added the cyrillic characters. Let's say 'a copy of'

Edit 2:

Oh yes, from your sample we can see it is the Eurotype copy you used because of the bad kerning for 'Po'. With the Korinna you will not have that problem.

Edit 3:

And yes, it lives out there under many names.

Thanks for the answer.. and two problems. :)

1) I have no money, and cannot BUY fonts yet... so I can't buy Korinna Heavy... I've made 90$ since february of this year. (most of that in the last 2 months, so getting better)

2) My images in their workable format include both vector and raster layers of the text... lots of work was put into the raster layer that I would have to completely redo if I replaced the font, even with a better font... So I really need KarinaBlack back.

I know I've found it twice online... But I'm not finding it anywhere now... I was kind of hopeing you font gurus may know where the actual font I'm needing is. :)

Well, double trouble that is. If not triple. Your lost thing can only be found at eurotype.bg See this (page 4). At a price. Indeed, that is trouble.

Oh crud. :(

Thanks for the answer...

That page for some reason isn't opening up for me.. But the price is probably dearer than I can manage now anyway.

Maybe I can get my husband to jury rig a cable to be able to pull my fonts off the old dying hard drive...

But on the other hand, If that font is now only available for pay, I might not should be using it anyway... I don't know under what license I found it before, but I sure thought I'd wiped out any 'non-commercial allowed' fonts out, except for a few that I was given permission to use. (texas and texas2 for instance.. another couple fonts I'm currently missing... but I emailed the 'iconian' who created them requesting his webpage address so I could re-download)

Koeiekat, do you know of a free similar font then, so I can redo it?

I liked the clean and simple look, but not too simple, with wide enough lettering to add the fill into without it looking TOO busy, best as I remember, is why I chose this one.

{and in case you're wondering why I worked in both raster AND vector... When I just used the "fill" in vector, the pattern did not go straight across... by filling a raster selection of the font (enlarged by a couple pixels so the edge was invisible) it had a much cleaner look.}

I was wondering why you didn't put the old disk in your PC as a second drive and copy. Anyway redoing the thingie does not seem to be too complicated - to me -.

As the Korinna stays the real thing, cousins of the Karina are Enchanted, Krone, Korinth Korinthia, Stevens ... They all claim to be originals ... tsja, tsja, ...

I wonder how many I missed.

Thanks for the info!

As per the second drive idea...

Best as I remember from the last time we tried to do that, hubby didn't have a cable with 2 sockets/plugs (whatever they're called) and couldn't find one to fit our machine... so he decided to do this pc only by backing up completely and then restoring.

I really want a second drive anyway... but that'll have to wait until I'm making more than $90 in 6 months. :)

More RAM is my next priority... My PSP really doesn't like the large images I work with.. (sigh)

But enough with the off-topicness!!

Again, thank-you

I'll check those other fonts out...

and hopefully redoing that text won't be as difficult as making it the first time, now that I've created the fill, and have had to figure out the technique previously.

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