Font Identification Request: Resolved

I've been searching crazily for these 2 fonts. the one shown above & this one:

do you guys know what it is?

Vanessa is Extra Ornamental.

thank you!

do you know what

one is?

Sorry, no. But check the ransom-category here at AF for some similar ones.

i dont think that it is even a "ransom" font. I think the blocks behind the letters were drawn in. Check the blocks behind the 'a's. They look slightly diff. I'd say it is just a dressed up sans.

Oh, yes, you are right!!

where can i get dressed up sans?

you find a sans, and dress it up :)

(in your image editing software of choice, like photoshop or paint shop pro)

i have photoshop cs

what's your definition of "dress it up"

i don't really get it.

move the characters around, and slap some square blocks behind odd ones. as opposed to typing in a straight line without any distortions or other gpraphical elements.

ahh, i get it.

thanks so much alex!

not a problem, sorry for speaking immigrant :)

i am, so i can say that :)

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