Okay someone told me this is Kaufmann BT Bold but it's not. This is an image edited by me and i was the one using this font but i forgot the name...

However, this is not Kaufmann BT Bold font.. Can you identify this for me? Thank u

@elle:However, this is not Kaufmann BT Bold font.. Can you identify this for me? Thank u

Maybe it is not. However, most probably, it is. Unless you used a copy. It has been reincarnated under the name Swing. And, a bunch of other names.

Next time, or trust someone, or remember the name ... Kaufmann Bold.

Elle, this IS Kaufmann Bold, as KKat already stated. And Kaufmann is the original. There are some clones out there. Of course. Maybe you had done this with a *cough* font which isn't soo legal. According to this site it is also called Tropez, some others have it with Koala. Maybe it rings a bell now? And - as KKat already noted, there are sure a lot of other names for it.

Yep, amongst the bunch are the Koala and the Tropez. The rest of the bunch - though no guarantee to be the complete list of Forged, cloned, pirated, plagiarized copycats of the Kaufmann: Koffee Bold, KoffeeDBol, Kaplan, Kaplan-Bold, Karman Bold, Kauflinn BoldItalic, PenwriteBold, Norman and Sylvia-Bold.

Hahaha, wow, digged in the deep dungeons?

Just scratched the door. Heaven knows what more is behind it.

Woooh, spooky. And a good morning to you. :-D

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