Looking for the font used for "Howie Day" and "Stop All The World Now" which can be found here:


Help is much appreciated. Thanks!


Hey there-

The forum seems to have gone a little cold response-wise in the last week or so - which I'll take my share of responsibility for - so allow me to return a little heat to the proceedings.

Anyhoo, the font you're looking for is Poster Bodoni Italic, by Linotype. The link there will take you to MyFonts.

Hope that does you...



So sorry Viking but I am in the middele of nowhere now with a very slow connection (sometimes I manage 200 bps!!). Some call it holidays I consider it work.

Back home next week. I'll try to catch up.

the cat is of frequently migrating species, isn't she?


No worries, I'm not here to deal out blame or anything. I disappeared too, you know!




the cat is of frequently migrating species, isn't she? [/quote:225d50699c]

How right you are Alex (although Tom it is)! And soon this cat will migrate forever to nowhereland. If the satelite doesn't rescue me I might fade away.

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