I'm using ASPImage (from www.ServerObjects.com) on a Win2000 server to create some images but I can only get Opentype fonts to work (I'm calling them opentype because they have the italic O as thier icon) Fonts that have the TT icon won't work though. I can't get the Adobe Type 1 fonts to work either but I'll worry about that one later.

Right now I'd just like to get the TT fonts to work. Does anyone know why I may be having this problem? Or better yet how to fix it?

OR... Is there a way for me to EASILY and CHEAPLY convert a TT font to an Opentype font?




When my site was on an NT server, I used ASPImage for about a minute or so, until I discovered that it didn't support TTF's. (A.K.A. - True Type Fonts will NOT work with ASPImage EVER.) I currently do all my imaging with other programs, off of my server.

I don't know of any place that would convert the TTF cheaply. I'm sure they would do it at a high-price though.

Sorry for the bad news :(


Hmm.... well that sucks..

Did you find a replacement for ASPImage or are you making images manually now?



I make them manually now... I use a combonation of Paintshop, MS Paint, and GIF Movie Gear.

depends what you need the pics for... Wanna volunteer making preview images for 9,708 fonts that i have here at AF? ;)

so i have found a solution for linux, since i have a red hat server.

i use FreeType with GD library, which i am pretty sure you can port onto windows server, dont quote me on that one

if one of you is successful though post here, share the success!


Free Type will work with any Unix/Linux system and Windows NT system. But not with a Windows2000 system.

ouch... :(

and what is the reason for you being on 2000? over a redhat server?


I'm on a redhat server... I have been since 2001 and love it... But I don't use special Online programs to do images anymore... ^He might have a few problems though...

how's the hosting service going for you?

i am thinking of starting my own


Well, I run my own, but I don't have alot of customers. I have about 12 or 13... I have 3 servers and only use 2. I put those 13 people on one shared server, and then my site on it's own server. I still have one unused...

The webhosting Business isn't as great as you'd think it'd be. BUt if you are, make sure you have some customers in line.

yea, i would only get servers on demand.. 3 dedicated servers was a little ambitious ;)

i'd start with 1 ( on top of this one with AF on it )

are you doing the hosting out of your house or collocating? Because it might even save you some money doing it out of your house. Some T1 providers even give you unlimited bandwidth!!! I am very interested in that since AF alone does 500-600 GB /month


Well, I have a building for my business. I keep them in there. But we're also connected to several trusted backbones, incase our servers suffer some issues. Our connection on the servers are on 3 OC12 lines (A.K.A. - Really damn fast lines.)...

Most people don't really care about the Bandwidth (except businesses), but care more about Price and Webspace. I know people who would pay for extra bandwidth, so long as they get a large amount of Webspace for a low-decent price.

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