SchilderGrotesk is an intriguing font that captures the attention of design enthusiasts and typographers alike. Crafted by Uwe Borchert, a designer with a meticulous eye for the balance and character in typefaces, SchilderGrotesk embodies a modern take on the classic grotesque style. This font is remarkable for its precision and functionality, making it a versatile choice for a variety of design applications.
The font's design is characterized by its clean lines, uniform stroke weight, and a harmonious balance between its geometric foundation and subtle humanistic touches. SchilderGrotesk offers a contemporary flair while maintaining legibility and clarity in both print and digital mediums. It features a comprehensive range of weights, enabling designers to experiment with hierarchy and emphasis without sacrificing the overall cohesion of their projects.
One of the defining aspects of SchilderGrotesk is its adaptability. It can seamlessly transition from corporate branding materials and sophisticated editorial layouts to dynamic digital platforms. The font’s character set is robust, supporting multiple languages and special typographic needs, including a range of ligatures and alternates that enhance its versatility and functionality.
Uwe Borchert's meticulous approach to the design of SchilderGrotesk is evident in the details. The slight quirks in letterform structures and the balanced proportion of ascenders and descenders give the font a distinct personality while ensuring its applicability in a wide array of contexts. SchilderGrotesk is not merely a typeface; it is a tool that empowers designers to communicate messages with clarity, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal.
Character map
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Based on the old handlettered road signs in Karlsruhe (Germany).


OFL. FontForge 2.0 : Schilder Grotesk : 6-10-2010. Schilder Grotesk. Version 1.2 (06.10.2010) . SchilderGrotesk
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