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    4 matches comment OK. I have installed this font three times now and each time CorelDraw X3 won't recognize it. It shows up in the font list (along with its other included iterations, Bold, Ital, e.g.) but when I try to convert text, it just shows up as a blank square. I have tried getting the font from other sites, hoping for a different version, but to no avail. Does anyone have any ideas or experienced something similar? Help!!!
    1 matches comment Cannot point you to exactly "girl pre-teen" category, but at least there is Handwritting category.
    1 matches comment Wolf has a point there, Heron. And because it is Christmas, in spite of this being yet another 'sports' thing, I've done some digging in my memory to give the Adelaide Wolf some peace too. The font world is a tough world - as you well know. Unlike us, who take care of the sick and handicapped, in that world you are abandoned straight away and even your name is taken away from you. When it is a minor illness you may take a new name that is similar to the family name or has some phonetic similarities. But when you really lost the fight you're out. And this is what happened here. This Serpentine family member got so squeezed in that wrestling fight that it was completely abandoned. Was not even allowed to take a name starting with an S. Now, would you do that to your cousin who fell down the cliff? Anyway, as Dennis Ludlow says on the opening page of Sharkshaw, 90% of what we consume is bad design. And he is right. Graphic interpretations of existing themes do not always lead to the best. As is the case here. And we talked about this one before in this thread. This abandoned Serpentine was forced to hide under the name Air Millhouse Italic.
    1 matches comment view details for free font #1017 crocodiles, alligators, elefants, bugs, insects, butteflies, flies, dogs, birds, horses, rabbits, turtles, rhinoes, jackals, wolves, wolf, squirells, fish, sharks, etc etc
    1 matches comment Wolf's Bane
    1 matches comment Hi - I've looked everywhere trying to track down the font used on this website banner. I made it a few years ago on an old computer, but I have a new one now, which means the old hard drive is gone along with the big folder of fonts I FORGOT to transfer over, AARRGGH. I have found back some of the old fonts, but certain ones such as this one I have never been able to locate, anywhere. I'm not sure of the name of the font either. Something like "Sea Wolf" or "Sand Daisy." I need to make one or two matching graphics for a resurrected version of the website. Can anyone help, please??? Thanks -
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