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    • Handwriting - Hearts
    • Version 1.01 ¬©Jennifer Heinicke, Fonts-A-Go-Go, ophelia@southwind.net, <www2.southwind.net/~ophelia/index.html> ¬©Jennifer Heinicke, Fonts-A-Go-Go, ophelia@southwind.net, <www2.southwind.net/~ophelia/index.html> mailto:ophelia@southwind.net Heartache Teen Crush A full alphabet with numbers and most punctuation. This font is suitable for love letters to 'N-Sync and Hanson. Heartache Teen Crush is shareware. If you like Heartache Teen Crush, please send me $10.00 (US Dollars) and I'll send you the full font on a 3.25 IBM disk. You may purchase additional fonts for $5.00 each. Macintosh TrueType is available on request. Do not redistribute Heartache Teen Crush. Do not distribute Heartache Teen Crush under any other name. Conversion to other platforms is fine. Any "derivative works" must be significantly different from Heartache Teen Crush. Email me for details about purchasing Heartache Teen Crush or any other questions. mailto:ophelia@southwind.net
    • Contains 80 characters in
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