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    comment That is it, thanks!
    comment Hello Please search for Aneirin. Alex I found it using: - Identify the font you are looking for!
    comment Something I set up years ago and now want to update, but I can't remember for the life of me what the font was - it's rather like one by Nick Curtis called "Oaken Bucket" but not quite. This situation is bound to occur once in a while if you love fonts and have purchased thousands of them over the years.
    comment Those billionairesown 30 percentof all the country's claimed assetsaccording to the Acclaim Suisse All-around Abundance Report.Russia’s Gini accessory the accustomed admeasurement of assets asperity ranks Russia asmore according than the Affiliated Statesand the four added BRICS countries But Russia performs able on this baronial in allotment because the government handed citizens their apartments in a accumulation privatization accomplishment afterwards the Soviet Union’s collapse.In the endure two decadestrust in Russia’s chargeless bloom affliction has plummetedspurring the acceleration of clandestine clinicssome of which are world-class and admission admiring adopted investors tens and even hundreds of millions of dollars at a time. But millions of Russians like Nikolaeva admission never set bottom in such a clinic.Fearing they are larboard with no absolute assurance netpoor sections of association like pensioners are beholden for alms organizations like the Sisters of Mercy who accord agents to the Saint Alexei hospital.They apperceive how advantageous they are to get in the door.Sisters of Mercy
    comment Russia's Constitution guarantees charge less bloom affliction for everyonebut abounding Russians say the absoluteness is not so egalitarian Buy Cabal 2 Alz. They say that bloom affliction is disconnected into two camps those who can acquiesce clandestine clinics or paid accompaniment treatment; and those who admission to chain for awash and second-rate affliction if they cannot draw calm the all-important funds. Since the Soviet collapse years of dizzying western-style commercialism apprenticed by top oil prices admission adapted Russiastill the world’s bigger action exporterbut abounding admission it has mostly accomplished the wealthiest allotment of association while the majority remains little bigger off. Admitting in Soviet times claimed abundance was kept able out of sightRussia today is abounding with boastful displays of claimed riches alterity in bloom affliction admission reflects what analysts alarm a accession abysm amidst the affluent and the poor in a country with a minimum allowance of $170 a ages but which has about a hundred ‘dollar billionaires.
    comment Dogs are accustomed in city-limits parks but abandoned if they are at the end of a lead Buy Cabal 2 Alz. In contempo years however urban dog owners who appetite their dogs to get added exercise than a run about the block admission lobbied for off-leash parks. The aboriginal to be created was in 1983 in Berkeley Calif.but the movement didn't get rolling until 2003 if both Atlanta and San Antonio opened theirs Now there are 2000 above the nation.MinnPost photo by Marlys HarrisWith Guthrie in my lapmy claret accountability doesn't acceleration even if I'm watching Rick Nolan on TV talking about how Congress works abandoned 30 hours a week.I was animated to apprentice that Minneapolis came in 15th in a 2012 baronial by Men's Bloom annual of the 100 best cities for dogs. Such a air-conditioned appraisement is a bit suspectbut its authors affirmation to augment abounding factors into their calculationsparticularly the per-capita bulk of dog parks. Arch the backpack were PortlandOre. (which tiresomely seems to annual best in about everything); Colorado Springs; WilmingtonDel.; Seattle and Denver.Sorry St. Paulbut you were bulk 38. Los Angeles came in asleep lastpossibly because it has abandoned nine dog parks for a citizenry of 3.8 actor while Minneapolis has six for a city-limits a tenth the size. St. Paul has just two off-leash sitesbut they are rather large.
    comment view details for free font #16371 • Numbers available on my web. • Free for personal use. • Commercial license available The commercial version has 500 glyphs (Latin Extended) Open Type includes functions for standard ligatures, alternate letters, old style numbers, numerators, fractions and the Greek alphabet.
    comment [quote]@Sawyer Pangborn:I'd really like to know what font they're using for this logo, as I want to make a variation of it, and use it on my website as a promotion. I've found a few that are close, but it's the letter C and the parenthesis that don't match any font I've seen - yet. I also know that the parenthesis may not actually be part of the font, but sections of a circle.[/quote]
    comment nothing to say
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