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    comment FIFA 16 football masterpiece from the sale of getting closer, and the fans want to see new players naturally is whether it is worthwhile to make their own expectations. EA Sports recently released a new official trailer, showing new work in FIFA 16 through the defense, midfield, and attack the three stages of innovation. FIFA series of systems and technology have been very mature, and to show in the trailer is smooth and natural motion. FIFA 16 there will be no drastic changes in the quality, but this is not the point. From the video we can see clearly on the player's moves more intelligent, the defense also appears to be very sharp. Before the FIFA 15 and cheap FIFA 16 coins ( have been too difficult defensive players a long time, I hope this do not overkill. Of course, many times games are especially beautiful in the trailer, especially football game. The game will soon be available for sale, hope it will not let us down. When both offensive and defensive confrontation, fake becomes more important, when the game player ball forward, you can use fake bypass the defender headed goal. Onrush midfield ball when teammates are also very close collaboration, which helps players to play better, fit. Shot when teammates are more intelligent, able to make judgments based on the player's dribbling and kicking angle trajectory, to maximize makes complex attack.
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