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    comment The font I am requesting to be identified is the FRONT of the shirt, "Big Thompson Crossfit" Thanks in advance!
    comment uploaded image Thanks ......................even there is something different...
    comment "Shelley Allegro Script "
    comment The name of this font. Many thanks any help.
    comment Maybe someone here can tell me the name of the font used for the Kimpton Hotels. It's fun.
    comment view details for free font #14459 amazing :D
    comment I downloaded a font from Abstract Fonts and upon saving my file which included this font: Print Clearly Dashed font, I received the message "the font Print Clearly Dashed could not be embedded in the pdf doc. because of licensing restrictions. stroked text will not be visible." Why do you have fonts available to download when they are not available to use? Is there anything I can to correct this problem?
    comment I liked the in-front view there.
    comment I have just one Character [J] from this font . Could anyone say something about this Font Name?
    comment Hello I think is Trajan. Alex I found it using: - Identify the font you are looking for!
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