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    Obstacle (TTF ripoff of an OTF, I believe)
    Mar 31st, 2010 / quote / 76.108.*.1*
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    I was given this font ("Obstacle" as a TTF) by a friend who'd like me to use it in his literature.

    It appears to be a TTF from one of these "free font collections", but it's so familiar, I believe this is also a legitimate font from a more common foundry, and available in OTF.

    I'm inquiring to learn whether anyone knows of the original font's name?

    Thank you in advance!
    Mar 31st, 2010 / quote / 87.177.*.9*

    cut out one line and feed it «what the font»:

    Result: It's a Melior AKA Zapf Elliptical 711.
    This are commercial typefaces/fonts. Zapf Elliptical 711 can be found on any corel draw CD included in the Bitstream font collection.

    Links to different vendors:

    More Information about Melior:
    Hermann Zapf, 1952 for the D. Stempel AG
    (AG=Aktiengesellschaft -> PLC=public limited company), Frankfurt am Main. There are informations on the german wikipedia (babelfish it?):

    Other languages available: Nederlands and Svenska. Sorry no english translation available.

    Bye bye
    Mar 31st, 2010 / quote / 76.108.*.1*
    Thank you so much for the reply. I had actually found the WhatTheFont link prior to reading this, and learned the identity exactly in the method you mentioned.

    When I did, I returned here and spent the next 15 minutes attempting to post a reply. However, AbstractFonts continued to say "failed" to the post attempts.

    In attempting to compare the Adobe version to Zapf, I realized that one is slightly more compressed. I chose to go with the Zapf version (in OTF) because kerning appeare a little tighter than the Adobe version.

    Thanks again for the great info!

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