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    Chubby Cheeks by James Shields external

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    • Version 1.00 Copyright © James Shields, 1998. All rights reserved. This font may be freely used providing it is unmodified. If you like it, send me an email to 'jshields@iol.ie'. For more free fonts go to 'www.iol.ie/~jshields/foChubb www.iol.ie/~jshields/fonts.html This is my first attempt to create a TrueType font, and as a result it's a bit simple. It's not really influenced by anything. I thought the overall shape was good, though, and worth sharing. All of the standard Windows ANSI character set is available. If you like this font have a look at the others on my site. This font is free for non-commercial uses, but do drop me an email and tell me what you do with it (jshields@iol.ie). For commercial uses (i.e. anything which is done for profit), contact me. Thanks. James Shields jshields@iol.ie
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