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    SpideRaYsfoNtSexternal link
    Oct 20th, 2012 / quote /
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    CLIMAXED is a Charity Font created to raise awareness and help with much needed fundraising through the power of Donationware Fonts. Don't Forget World Aids Day 1st December 2012 give whatever you can using the donation links below also please consider donating after your download to Body & Soul is a pioneering UK charity dedicated to transforming the lives of children, teenagers and families living with, or affected by HIV. Registered Charity Number 1060062

    The National Aids Trust (NAT) Registered Charity number 297977 is the UK's leading charity dedicated to transforming society's response to HIV. The NAT celebrates 25th birthday on 9 October with short film and brand new sparkly red ribbon
    SpideRaYsfoNtSexternal link
    Nov 4th, 2012 / quote /
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    Charity Fonts fundraising T-Shirt featuring this donationware font is available now for $29.58 @

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