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    • Version 1.00 August 3, 2009, initial release c.2009 Bill Roach FFEBFBCED This font(s) c.2009 Bill Roach. August 3, 2009 LICENSE: I. ALLOWANCES: #1, This license grants the user the right to use this font(s) for productions and purposes, commercial and non-commercial, royalty and gratuity free - in perpetuity - with no obligations of fee or recompensation toward the author, or the author's agencies. #2, This license grants the user the right to distribute this font commercially (with exception) and non-commercially. Commercial distribution only - requires that this font(s) is NOT sold by itself, or only exclusively with other works by this specific author, without the author's knowledge and permission. This font(s) MAY BE bundled either with fonts by other authors as part of a mixed compilation, embedded in a software application as part of that application, or bundled with another commercial product. In short (more germainly) - this font(s) is NOT to be sold by itself. #3, This license grants the user the right to create derivatives of this font(s), and claim them as their own works, provided that they (the derivatives) are either given a totally different font name - or the font(s) name taken from the original(s) is prefixed,or suffixed by an indication that it is not by the original artist, such as name initials - or a secondary version name that is NOT merely any of the words "Alt", "Bold", "Condensed", "Light or Lite", "Narrow", Oblique", or "Regular" exclusively. II. RESTRICTIONS: #1, This font(s) is NOT to be copied verbatum (identically) and the copy edited so that it's embedded author name and license information is removed / deleted, or the font is copied by some means that does not retain this information. #2, This font is not to be distributed without it's accompanieing documentation. This font is roughly equivalent to the standard SIL / OFL license. FFEBFBCED
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