saxMono by unknown

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    • Monospaced - Normal
    • Version 1.10 (C) 1999 by s.a.x. Software GmbH, Karlsruhe, Germany saxMono is a sample of a fine TrueType with high screen quality. Its spacing (11 cpi@12 pt) is between the Courier and Letter Gothic. s.a.x.: Our business is printing solutions for corporates. We cover letterheads, faxes, invoices and everything, what was pre-printed in former times. Our solutions ensure for our customers to have "always everywhere the right form". One mayor basis for the "right" and corporate identity conforming forms is the right font in a "as good as Arial" screen quality. So we are specialized in generating high quality fonts, like this sample. You may download this font, circulate it und use it freely. You may not alter rename, change copyrights or modify this font in any way.
    • Contains 488 characters in
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