Argor Got Scaqh by Jean-Pierre Mallaroni external

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    • Medieval - Multi-lined - Old English
    • Copyright (c) 2001 JP Mallaroni Copyright (c) 2001 JP Mallaroni
    • Contains 167 characters in
    • Download contains 8 files.
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    argorexternal link
    Sep 26th, 2007 / quote /
    uploaded image
    - Here are 7 fonts I've created.
    Their names are in Silarg, an artificial language I've invented...
    "Argor" is the author name I've chosen.

    - "Argor Biw Scaqh" means : "The Pretty Writing of Argor".
    - "Argor Brujsh Scaqh" means : "The Scribbled Writing of Argor".
    - "Argor Cwar Scaqh" means : "The Square Writing of Argor".
    - "Argor Flahm Scaqh" means : "The Blazing Writing of Argor".
    - "Argor Got Scaqh" means : "The Gothic Writing of Argor".
    - "Argor Man Scaqh" means : "The Writing of Argor's Hand".
    - "Argor Priht Scaqh" means : "The Primitive Writing of Argor".

    I've handwritten each type, scanned them, put them in the fontsoft I have and arranged all of these fonts...
    The main style is blackletter.

    Argor - JP Mallaroni
    Sejoexternal link
    Sep 27th, 2007 / quote /
    Congratulations and many thanks. The fonts are really beutiful.
    argorexternal link
    Sep 27th, 2007 / quote /
    uploaded image
    Grazie mille Sergio...
    argorexternal link
    Oct 18th, 2007 / quote /
    uploaded image
    Example of an "Argor Brujsh Scaqh" text...
    From "The man on the beach" by Vance Aandahl.
    (French translated part.)
    argorexternal link
    Oct 23rd, 2007 / quote /
    uploaded image
    The set of "Argor Biw Scaqh" font...

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