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    • Normal - Serif
    • Version 0.098 2004 Copyright (c) David J. Perry, 2003. All rights reserved. Cardo is a trademark of David J. Perry. A font for scholarly use in classical and medieval languages. Contains characters for many languages as well as those required for quality typography. This font is free for personal, non-commercial, or non-profit use. It may also be used to prepare camera-ready copy for papers that will appear in academic journals, even if the author of the paper receives remuneration for article. Any other commercial use requires the purchase of an appropriate license. Individuals may give copies to others, as long as all files from the original zip archive are kept together and none is altered. This software may not be posted on any web page, included in any compilation, or sold in any form without the express permission of David J. Perry. Under no circumstances will David J. Perry be liable for any problems that you encounter in using the font or for any loss or damage that results from its use. Downloading and installing the font indicates your acceptance of these terms. Use the font at your own risk.
    • Contains 2,179 characters in
    • Download contains 4 files.
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