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    • 1 Copyright (c) James Arboghast 2004. All rights reserved worldwide. Published 2004 by S E N T I N E L T Y P E. Freeware. This typeface is free. You may use it free of charge for any personal or non-profit use. For commercial use you must purchase a commercial license: Read enclosed text file for details De Louisville is a trademark of Sentinel Type DE LOUISVILLE tuscan, from S E N T I N E L T Y P E designed by James Arboghast Relive the spirit of 19th century America in whimsical upbeat style with De Louisville tuscan. Echoing the Victorian craze for lavish decoration, De Louisville captures the antique flavor of a music parlor with refreshing cartoon ambiance. Cute, bubbly curves evoke strawberries & cream, a frothy head of beer, or the lace trimmings of a fine young lady's skirt, in a light-hearted display face designed for contemporary use. De Louisville is ideal for confectionary, 19th century Americana, toys & feminine subjects. The De Louisville set features: * De Louisville Regular for print * De Louisville Bold for low resolution media * De Louisville Small Caps companion font * 23 extra characters, some with 'blind' counters * Embeddable for use with portable documents De Louisville is free for personal & non-profit use. For commercial use you must purchase the commercial license version, from S E N T I N E L T Y P E End User License Agreement Your use of this digital typeface is conditional upon on your acceptance, without modification, of the terms & conditions expressed herein. Your use of the typeface is deemed to indicate your acceptance of all such terms & conditions. If you do not agree to the terms, promptly destroy all materials. (iii) Postal Address Sentinel Type 7a Belford Road Kew East 3121, Victoria AUSTRALIA Email: Email: 1. USE (i) Sentinel Type grants to you only, the User, the non-exclusive, non-transfe
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