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    12 matches comment How do you bookmark fonts, now? I haven't been here since the older layout and I'm totally lost!
    1 matches comment Wow! Is that the new generation talk? They get fonts for FREE and they complain in this way? Wow! Isn't it like going to the gas station with the car and SHOUTING AT THE GUY THERE. "HEY; WHERE DOES THAT HOSE GO IN? WHAT? WHERE IS THE HELP SECTION? AND I DON'T PAY ANYTHING, YOU KNOW!!!" Wow.
    1 matches comment I like this !!!! wowgoldboss World of Warcraft Gold WOW Gold Cheap WOW Gold WOW Gold Buy WOW Gold Edited kk.
    1 matches comment Wow. Thank you, Ivan. Again: wow.
    2 matches comment WOW..!!! unbelievable..!! how can I do that by myself...
    2 matches comment WOW!
    1 matches comment WOW Again! Many thanks for your speedy reply Alex! If this is any indication of how good your product is, I vow to figure out how to PAY you for it!!! I am going to look at that link you sent me on e-mail, & I will try my best to figure this matter out on my own... but thanks so much for your willingness to help. - The sun is just setting here in paradise & now I have a good project to keep me busy all night. - If I was wealthy, I would gladly pay a graphic artist to design my new business logo for me... but for now, I have to save $ where I can. Have a great evening Alex. - wendy
    3 matches comment wow now i am ever to belivew that there is a internet fairy at work passed on the info to oxygen or our all mighty leader Da Man Alex is at work. good job alex or whom ever invited Oxyegen to the forum it shows you that the big boys are also willing to help us font-a-holics in time of need. I am way impressed much respect I will be on this forum for life :) BiG keep on fonting
    1 matches comment wow - thanks!!! :)
    1 matches comment Wow - that looks great. Thank you very much!!
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